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Our Services

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    Insert & Alternative Marketing

    The benefits of insert and alternative marketing are endless. We advise our customers of how opting in can help them gain revenue while saving money, acquire new customers, cater to customers who shop at home, make ads stand out, encourage repeat shopping, and more.

    E-mail Marketing

    Many companies around the world continue to use electronic marketing communication to reach their customers. We can help you optimize your e-mail marketing strategy to attract new customers using acquisition email campaigns.

    Database Marketing

    We help our clients turn data into knowledge that can help them optimize their entire marketing strategy. Through data measurement, modeling, analytics, and insights, we deliver consumer insights that can help you target your audience better and continue innovating.

    Print Media

    Our print media services help clients explore, test, and optimize the direct response opportunities available through platforms such as newspapers, magazines, and free-standing insert (FSI) advertising. We can help you outsource your print media function and provide assistance and ideas in specific areas related to your business.

    Remnant Advertisement

    By informing our clients of the benefits of buying remnant advertising—one of which includes tremendous discounts—they can get into papers that would otherwise be too costly yet still save money.

    Newspaper/Print Media Buying

    We work with our clients to help them understand the benefits of media buying in newspapers. We can help you find the best rates and exposure so you get the most out of your newspaper or print media ads.

    Newspaper Advertorial Marketing

    We inform our clients about the numerous benefits of newspaper advertorial marketing and how they can cash in. When done the right way, media advertising through print is extremely cost-effective, can allow your ad access to a large audience, and can have a dramatic effect on readers.

    Advertorial Writing

    Advertorial writing benefits clients since they do not appear to be advertisements at first. We work with an external team of highly skilled advertorial writers who consult with our clients to produce effective advertorials. This technique of writing gives readers a thorough view of the subject the piece is detailing before the sales pitch. Since consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing, this approach helps alleviate the numbness they would normally get at the first sight of an ad. This tactic engages the reader and builds an interest before any mention of sales.

    Copywriting Advertising/Marketing

    We offer access to a team of outside copywriters who specialize in writing effective advertising and marketing material for a number of industries. The team will consult with our clients to ensure that the copy is ethical and appropriate for the subject matter and intended audience.

    Direct Mail Marketing/Printing

    With over 300 customers and more than 20 years of service, we are the leader in providing direct mail marketing solutions to our valued clients. We process over 30,000 direct mail list orders annually, making us one of the largest direct mail list companies in the industry.

    Postcard Printing and Mailing

    Our postcard printing and mailing service is a cost-effective solution for our clients that increases sales, and reaches customers quickly and easily. This strategy can be used to promote your business, product, service, or event.

    Direct Mail Dietary Supplement Marketing

    The demographic served by the health industry is very much copy-driven and remains super responsive to direct mail advertisements for products. We offer direct mail dietary supplement marketing services to ensure your marketing materials reach the hands of this prospect base. We will provide all the tools you need to create effective direct mail packages that are sure to catch your customer’s eye. Combine this with our extensive offerings of relevant consumer and business mailing lists and you have everything you need to run an effective campaign.

    List Management

    Our list management services provide strategic marketing programs, customized list packaging, aggressive telemarketing efforts, in-person sales calls, written recommendations, and customized reporting. Our creative, professional, and experienced team can help you navigate the business of list management.

    List Brokerage

    We specialize in uncovering new list opportunities and untapped prospects. We work with our clients to fully understand their direct marketing objectives, analyze previous marketing efforts and mail plans, provide list recommendation, and supply superior service with timely delivery.

    List Fulfillment

    Our list services include list rental and fulfillment, national change of address (NCOA), CASS certification, telephone appending, fire clean-up, match backs, and custom programming. Our cost-effective services combined with our experienced professional list fulfillment and data processing team makes us the right choice for your list and data needs.

    Residential Lists

    Our residential mailing list reaches every household in the United States, and our consumer mailing list allows you to target by age, income, presence of children, and more. The business mailing list reaches every business in your geographic area and can be segmented by size of company, home business, contact name, and more. We offer the best prices, incomparable coverage, and professional, personalized service.

    How Macromark Can Help You

    Macromark, Inc. is a leading, highly reputable, and progressive customer acquisition, retention, and monetization media company. Relying on a vastly experienced sales staff, aggressive marketing efforts and cutting-edge IT support, we will acquire new customers for you at the lowest possible cost and, we can also maximize the revenue potential of your most valuable asset: your customer file. Macromark provides key e-commerce, insert media, print media buying, and database marketing services as well as creative and design capabilities with expertise in driving inbound calls, mail in or online lead forms. Today, we are recognized as one of the industry’s fastest-growing direct marketing agencies with over 300 consumer and business-to-business clients in the US, Canada, and Internationally. Our team is dedicated to making sure your direct mail marketing strategies are working at their best capabilities. For more information about any of our services, contact us at 1-(845) 230-6300.