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    How Brands Can Advertise Wisely during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    May 11 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog, Print Media

    Advertising during the COVID-19 crisis is a sensitive issue. On one hand, a company still needs to promote themselves and their brand regardless of the climate. In fact, it could be said that during the coronavirus pandemic, there are more eyes available to see your advertising. On the other hand, with the sensitive nature of […]

    11 Strong Customer Retention Strategies to Connect with Clients During the Covid-19 Crisis
    May 5 | By:  Categories: customer acquisition, Our Blog

    These are unprecedented times that we find ourselves in and running a B2C business during these times is challenging. To be blunt, customers are scared. They don’t know how the economy is going to fare during the COVID-19 pandemic and specifically, they don’t know if they’re going to have the money to keep spending on […]

    Clever Ways to Integrate Print and Digital Marketing
    Apr 22 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    While digital advertising is now the king of marketing, print advertising is still not only being used effectively, but can be integrated with online marketing strategies for a truly holistic marketing campaign. There are many ways for you to integrate your online marketing into a print campaign. By doing this “two-pronged” approach, you can get […]

    Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention: Process & Cost
    Apr 14 | By:  Categories: customer acquisition, Our Blog

    Two of the most important strategies for any business are customer acquisition and customer retention. Converting leads and prospects into paying customers, and then nurturing and growing the customer relationship to prevent defection are paramount for continued business success. But like any business strategy, there’s a process and cost, followed by a return on the […]

    Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention: The Difference Between Both and How to Develop a Strategy
    Apr 2 | By:  Categories: customer acquisition, Marketing, Our Blog

    On a very basic level, every business needs to focus on two main strategies to help them grow and thrive. Simply put, the strategy to getting new customers and the strategy to keeping your existing customers happy and coming back. In marketing terms, these are customer acquisition marketing and customer retention marketing. In this article, […]

    Tips to Reach Your Target Audience through Newspaper Advertising
    Mar 24 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    Most marketing professionals today are well versed in the world of digital and print advertising. In fact, many professionals have switched their marketing efforts to the digital platform completely in hopes that they can reach a wider audience and give their brand a boost. Although many believe print advertising is harder to track and more […]

    How to Capture a Reader’s Attention with a Newspaper Advertisement
    Mar 16 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog, Print Media

    A professional copywriter’s first responsibility is to grab the reader’s attention and keep it throughout the copy. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. You could write the best copy, but if your ad doesn’t interest your readers (ie. isn’t targeting the right audience), it will all be for nothing. On the other hand, if your […]

    8 Successful Retention Marketing Strategies
    Mar 3 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog

    It’s easy to get hungry for more customers when you notice your customer acquisition strategy working and your business growing. However, forgetting to ensure those customers stick around will mean more effort and frustration for you. A good retention marketing strategy will help you keep the customers you acquire by providing them with a great […]

    8 Reasons to Advertise Your Business in Niche Magazines
    Feb 24 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    Imagine your consumer in the morning, sitting with their cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal. What are they doing? Watching the news on television? Flipping through the week’s newspaper? Or reading their favorite niche magazine? Whatever they’re doing, you want to get their attention. You want your product or service to be on their […]

    Benefits of Using Retention Marketing for Your Business
    Feb 13 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog, Print Media

    Customer retention is the process of keeping existing customers interested in your business so that they continue buying products or services from you. This is different than customer acquisition or lead generation, because you have already converted the customer. By retaining customers, it allows you to form long-lasting relationships with them and ensure they stay […]