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    3 Factors Contributing to Growth of the Sports Nutrition Market

    Jan 13 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mailIt’s hard to escape the collective consciousness that has gripped so many Americans when it comes to their health. We watch fast food commercials that speak about hormone-free meat. We go to restaurants that include calorie counts for each item on the menus. And as we peruse social media, we are inundated with both personal and marketed content of what foods are best or which diet will help us lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

    It’s safe to say that America has woken up to the importance of sound health. Athletes, on the other hand, have been pioneers in this field. Although mostly by necessity, athletes have led the way in fitness. They have set the example that many health-conscious Americans are now following. Now with the current sports nutrition market sitting at approximately $6.0 billion, and the projections ballooning that figure to just over $9.0 billion in 2020, we examine the factors that have contributed to the widespread growth of this increasingly popular market.

    More Interest in Fitness

    The interest in fitness has extended far beyond the bodybuilder competing in strongman events. Today, fitness is becoming routine for many Americans who have acknowledged that their health is a priority. The increased interest in fitness has helped contribute to the overall growth of the sports nutrition market. In addition to increased physical activity, consumers today are looking for supplements to help aid in their quest for better health, which is moving the sports nutrition market forward.

    The Gender Gap Is Closing in Fitness

    Non-men are continuing to demand equal treatment to their male counterparts in all facets of career and lifestyle. And while progress has admittedly been painfully slow, there has been some closing of the gap in how non-men are treated. The fitness industry is an example of this slow change. While more and more non-men are becoming active in sports, 27% more since 2010, the variety of sports nutrition products targeted towards them is still scarce. There has been movement towards addressing this underserved demographic, and as the number of non-men participating in sports and fitness programs continue to grow, look for just as much growth in available nutritional sports supplements.

    The Growth of Plant-Based Products

    Athletes in particular are looking towards more natural supplements and moving away from products or supplements containing synthetic ingredients. This is largely due to the various side effects associated with synthetic based supplements. The general public is also following suit. Natural seems to be the new “it” word, and those who are looking to maintain or improve their health prefer products with as few unnatural chemicals as possible.

    Macromark understands how to tap into these markets. We have the most comprehensive mailing lists in the business and can target consumers who fit this demographic. The sports nutrition market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of eight percent from now till 2020. Macromark is prepared to help your business capitalize on this growth.

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