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    8 Reasons to Advertise Your Business in Niche Magazines

    Feb 24 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    Imagine your consumer in the morning, sitting with their cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal. What are they doing? Watching the news on television? Flipping through the week’s newspaper? Or reading their favorite niche magazine? Whatever they’re doing, you want to get their attention. You want your product or service to be on their mind as they go about their day. You want to leave a positive impression that makes them search for more information by calling you or visiting your web site. Niche magazine advertising is your gateway. It lets you access the very precise consumer you want to convert. Here are some powerful reasons why you should choose to put your advertisement in a magazine directed to a special audience.

    A Dedicated Market

    When you advertise to a niche market, you get your offer in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Your ad will have much more power and effectiveness, rather than if you advertised to a general audience. Niche magazines offer advertisers a group of people with a special interest or passion in a particular topic.

    Magazines Engage Readers

    Although online channels have their place in an omnichannel marketing campaign, people are generally more engaged with print media than digital. Most people today multitask when using digital media. They’ll check their social media profiles, read the latest news related to their interests, listen to music, text a friend about dinner plans, and check their email for updates on their Amazon order—all at the same time! Instead of trying to get their attention in a medium that already has them busy, focus your efforts on a medium that demands their attention.

    Magazines and newspapers engage readers because they interrupt their digital multitasking. They must sit and read the page, absorbing the information without distraction. Sure, they can have the television on in the background, but niche market readers who subscribe to magazines will take the time to read, allowing you to stand out and get your message directly to them.

    Have Fewer Competing Advertisers

    There’s no point advertising in a space that is saturated with your competitors or other advertisers. Advertising in the digital space alone will make it difficult to compete, unless you pay the high price of being on the front page of a search engine. Advertising in a general newspaper or magazine may be effective, but only if you ensure you take up enough space on the page. When posting your ad in a niche magazine, everyone who reads that magazine will already be interested in what you have to say. They’re already in that special interest space and will care more about your offer.

    People Trust Print

    Studies have shown that print ads are trusted far more than digital ads. Why is this? Not only does print have a reputation for being more reliable, people are also skeptical of scams, viruses, and malware they could potentially download by clicking on a bad ad. This fear makes digital users less likely to trust popups or banner ads.

    A Longer Shelf Life

    Everyone who has ever used the Internet has experienced a popup ad on a blog, or a video-interrupting message. These messages interrupt the user’s experience and are often closed or skipped. Ads that arrive in email inboxes are labeled junk and thrown in the trash can. However, when people pick up a magazine, they spend time absorbing the images and copy. They find publications they like and subscribe to monthly mail so they can follow up with each issue. Even magazines that are picked up for free or delivered by mail stick around the home on counters and tabletops. This staying power offers print ads an incredible return on investment.

    Better Affinity with the Content

    When you get your ad in a niche publication, your message will be sent to the right readers. Your brand will have instant credibility with your audience because it will relate to the copy in the magazine. For example, if you post your ad about tennis clothing in a sports magazine—or even better, a tennis magazine—you will instantly be trusted by the readers.

    Access to Unique Distribution Networks

    Access to distribution networks are important, which is another reason to consider getting your ad in a niche publication. Instead of randomly spreading out your ad in general magazines, a niche magazine has highly targeted locations and demographics or readerships. Their networks may be specific cities, coffee shops, restaurants, health centers, daycares, or tourist information centers. Whatever these locations may be, there will be a maximum number of people interested. Get your ad there and it will pack a punch.

    Variety of Advertising Opportunities

    Another benefit of advertising in niche magazines is that they support editorial content with multiple opportunities to an interested readership. Native advertising is less obtrusive and less readers see products or services related to the niche interest of the magazine. Some local magazines will partner with brands, such as magazines that list the top restaurants to visit in the summer or indoor activities to enjoy during the winter. Magazine placement like this is crucial to small and growing businesses.

    Experience the Benefits of Niche Advertising with Help from Macromark

    If these benefits have you excited, you can get started right away! All you need is a professional ad agency by your side and you can access the right magazines for your location and target demographic. With the right support from our marketing agency, you can get your customers interested in your products and services through a more direct approach than online advertising alone. If you already use digital advertising, we can help you create a seamless connection between your print efforts and digital ones.

    At Macromark, our services include direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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    David Klein

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