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    9 Facts That Prove Newspaper Advertising Is Still Effective in 2020

    Jan 6 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    Technology has had a dramatic impact on our world. It modernizes how information is accessed which means advertisers are faced with the challenge of how to improve their strategies to better reach and engage their customers. While there are several mediums to choose from, newspapers continue to be the favorite as they offer many significant advantages that cannot be found in any other medium. Here are nine important facts about advertisements in newspaper that prove newspaper advertising in 2020 will continue to be effective.
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    1. The Newspaper Industry Is Quickly Evolving

    According to data from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), trends reflect that the print industry is evolving its business model in significant ways. Some of these ways include connecting with developments in technology, tapping into consumer behavior, understanding advertiser interest, and more in order to grow audiences and diversify its revenue stream.

    2. Newspapers Have a Greater Reach

    Although some businesses and advertisers believe newspapers are dead, as they transfer their efforts to digital marketing, newspapers continue to offer more reach than any other medium. A recent study showed that nearly 105 million people read the newspaper in print or online during the week nationally. It also showed that more than 110 million adults read the Sunday newspaper as part of their routine.

    3. Newspapers Are Preferred by Affluent Audiences

    Did you know that newspapers are the preferred choice for affluent audiences to get information?
    Participants of a recent study were asked which media platforms they remembered seeing ads in in the past month and how they reacted to them. Despite all the attention that digital media receives, wealthy participants were far more likely to use printed newspapers than any other media channel. This was followed only by online newspapers.

    4.  Advertising in Newspapers Is Considered the Most Believable and Trustworthy

    Advertisements in newspapers are still considered more believable and trustworthy than any other form of media. Just think about all the infomercials that consumers laugh at because the claims made seem ridiculous and hard to believe. You can also consider the bombardment of social media ads and pop ups on web sites that are bothersome to the point that consumers install ad blockers on their web browsers to avoid them. Digital media has its advantages and purpose, but when it comes to seeking reliable and trustworthy information, print media is the preferred choice.

    5. Small-Town Communities Love Their Local Papers

    Another study found that 67% of small-town residents read their local paper at least one time per week. Out of the participants, 78% said newspapers were their main source for information about local news, and 71% of participants said newspaper inserts motivated them with their buying decisions.

    6. Millennials Rely on Print for Savings

    Although some Millennials seem attached to their phones and mobile devices, they actually choose print newspapers and magazines as their main source of information when looking for coupons, promotions, and deals. Many rely on direct mail cards that come in the mail to get great offers at stores they like. When looking for savings, print media continues to outdo what digital media can offer.

    7. Drives Traffic and Sales to Advertisers

    Native advertising through newspapers gives advertisers the opportunity to promote their company’s new developments in harmony with the medium’s tone and voice. When consumers regularly subscribe to certain newspapers or magazines, your ad can be shaped to fit into that voice so you can get a better bang for your buck. By naturally flowing into the format of trusted newspapers and magazines, you can drive traffic and sales to your business.

    8. Increased Flexibility

    Compared to any other advertising medium, newspapers offer far more flexibility. This is because advertisers can choose the exact size and location of the ad and can create their own design, so it flows within the format of the newspaper. Unlike advertising on the Internet, advertisers can choose the exact time and place the ad appears and can control its frequency to ensure that prospective customers will see the same information in the same format and location. Advertisers who choose newspapers for advertising also have more control over the result of the final product by working directly with newspaper staff.

    Another benefit of newspaper advertising is that it can integrate with web features such as QR codes or link readers to social media accounts that provide special offers and more. The short lead times of newspapers allow for advertisers to make quick changes to their ads, while meeting the deadlines for publication.

    9. Newspaper Advertising Drives Action

    A study by NAA found that 81% of adults acted upon a coupon or call to visit a brand’s local store after seeing a newspaper ad in the past month. Over half of these consumers made a purchase because of the call to action. The study also found that newspapers ranked the highest of all other mediums as the source people use to plan for shopping.

    Out of all the options, direct mail inserts scored the highest with 81% of adults saying they acted in the past 30 days after seeing an ad. Seven out of 10 respondents also said they regularly perused newspapers and magazines to seek out inserts. Even consumers who considered themselves “non-readers” used newspapers to find and cut out coupons, compare prices, and seek out sales in their local stores.

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