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    A Little Research Helps this Nutritional Supplement Company Stay Successful

    Aug 8 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    The healthcare sector is an increasingly profitable industry with countless amounts of companies doing everything they can to get health professionals to purchase their products. Needless to say, the competition for attention is fierce and it takes a little more effort for your company to get noticed, as noted by the experts at Macromark. One nutritional supplements company, however, was able to find success by doing some preliminary research before launching their direct mail campaign.

    Integrative Therapeutics wanted to launch a direct mail campaign that focused on tens of thousands of chiropractic offices across the U.S. But before they sent out any mail based only on geographic or demographic targeting, they researched how doctors in the chiropractic market use, prescribe, and promote natural supplements to their patients.

    Integrative Therapeutics then applied this information and created two variations of direct mail; one offered a sample of their product and the other included free registration to a seminar. The company also got creative with the actual envelopes and incorporated bright colors and unique headlines.

    The results of the direct mail campaign were successful for both mailers, with the sample package being redeemed at nearly double the industry standard.

    Although achieving success at the rate that Integrative Therapeutics experienced is not always a guarantee, Macromark feels it’s important to note that they did a lot of research to understand the behaviors and patterns of a specific consumer. This surely played a major role in their campaign and provides a valuable lesson to all businesses looking to utilize direct mail marketing.

    Macromark will always produce broad lists that can connect with nearly any segment of the market. With our guidance, we will help ensure your campaign is focused and targeted to a narrow demographic for the most profitable returns.


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