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    An Overlooked Way to Use E-mail Lists to Improve Your Small Business

    Aug 2 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    As a small business owner, you understand that growth is one of the aspects of your company that gets a lot of attention. You are constantly searching for ways to reach more people or get more out of the ones currently responding to the services they’re being provided. You ask yourself, “What do my consumers want?” or “How can I improve this service to better meet the needs of my customers?” These and countless other questions have the intent of trying to get inside the minds of your customers.

    There’s another way to go about this—a much simpler method. Just ask the customer. As groundbreaking as this may sound, it’s actually the most effective way to truly know what your customers want. And the best way of conducting this research is by tapping into your e-mail list and asking specific targets the burning questions that can help you make better business decisions moving forward.

    E-mail Etiquette Email List Brokers

    Before you rush to load up your e-mail campaign with every single customer on your list, take a step back and plan. Think about what stage of the consumer cycle each of your subscribers are at. Who has been opening most of your newsletters? Who has made purchases? Who has been active in responding to special offers? Those are the ones you’d want to be part of your outreach campaign to get feedback on how to improve your services.

    Including all of your subscribers is a mistake. It’s already important to be selective about the types and frequency of e-mails you send each subscriber, so sending a survey-type e-mail to a subscriber who barely opens any other of your communication would be a waste of your time, won’t give you accurate feedback, and could damage the integrity you have with that customer, pushing away what could’ve been a valuable asset.

    This is all assuming your e-mail subscriber list is segmented. If it’s not, then you need to fix that before reaching out to anyone. Segmented e-mail lists make the correct assumption that not every consumer should be treated equally. In fact, each segment should have precise characteristics that will enable you to have more success on any e-mail campaign. Demographics also play a role in your results; male or female, age range, income level. These are all variables that affect response and should be considered.

    Keep it Simple

    Once you’ve selected the right segment for your e-mail campaign, remember to respect their time. Asking them to fill out a survey or answer some questions pertaining to their experience with your company is a favor. Don’t go overboard and have your subscribers scrolling down the page for half an hour. Regardless of the type of survey you use, make sure the questions are direct, easy to understand, and speak to the issue you’re trying to resolve or the feedback you’re trying to illicit.

    If you’re waiting to hit 10,000 plus subscribers on your e-mail list before you feel a survey is warranted, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Whether you have 250 or 250,000 subscribers, the more important factor is choosing the right customer and asking the questions necessary to improve your business.

    What you’ll find is that customers actually know what they want and will give you insightful feedback as to how you can go about providing them with more or better services. It then becomes up to you to compare results and find any common themes that can be applied to your brand.

    None of this is possible, of course, if you haven’t taken the important step of configuring some kind of e-mail list. On top of being a valuable tool for communicating to your customers, there’s a lot of benefit in having your customers communicate with you.

    As successful e-mail list brokers, the professionals at Macromark have long seen the importance of building an e-mail list and what that can do to help companies grow. They continue to serve small- and medium-sized businesses across North America by helping them reach a variety of targets which helps in the expansion of any sized company. Visit Macromark’s web site for more information on the e-mail lists they provide.

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