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    Architectural Design Firm Earns 200 Times ROI with Simple Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

    Aug 5 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Direct Mail MarketingSometimes when marketers think of direct mail marketing, they immediately think of sending out pieces to thousands of homeowners within a specific geographic area. While this is true of a number of campaigns, for some businesses, narrowing the field to a small selection of recipients makes more sense for their goals.

    Architectural design firm Anderson Canyon was one of those companies. And when it was looking to launch a marketing campaign to capture new clients, it turned to direct mail as the answer. A smaller campaign made sense for a company that doesn’t need hundreds of clients to be successful, and it provided Anderson Canyon with the return it needed to make the direct mail marketing campaign worth the investment.

    Simple Direct Mail Campaign Yields Large Return

    What can a $1,300 investment on a focused direct mail campaign get you? Plenty, if you’re Anderson Canyon. Its marketing manager, Renate Jones, was looking to attract C-suite execs who built multi-family homes. She wanted a focused campaign that would have an impact she felt wasn’t possible with e-mail marketing.

    After doing the appropriate legwork, Jones identified 14 individuals who fit her company’s standards. They then created a direct mail piece that contained a video player inside a branded package. The video was a short but detailed clip introducing Anderson Canyon and showing what the company can do to design both family and commercial properties.

    As a final touch, the mailing also contained a letter inviting the prospects to sign up for a meeting. The letter also explained the purpose of the video and the package so that the prospects had a full understanding of what was happening.

    Results of Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

    Despite what seemed to be a relatively small campaign, Anderson Canyon understood that it wouldn’t take much to earn a positive return. Two of the prospects ended up responding, with one signing a contract worth $258,000. The second deal is still pending, but if it goes through, it will be worth $441,000. Even with just the first deal going through, Anderson Canyon has earned a ridiculous return on its investment.

    What can we learn from this? That regardless of the size of the campaign, the principles of direct mail stay the same. Narrow down your list of targets. Be creative in your mailings, and personalize your messaging so your recipients can see that you took the time to understand their needs.

    This attention to detail gives your company the best chance of success using direct mail marketing campaigns. Macromark understands the importance of every detail and continues to offer our clients the most comprehensive lists on the market. Learn more about why you should choose Macromark’s mailing lists by contacting us at 1-845-230-6300.


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