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    Biggest Myths about Print Advertising in 2020

    Feb 5 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    The print industry has been around for decades, and as far as industries go, it is one of the oldest. This can be a good thing and a bad thing for print advertisers. With a medium that has been around this long, there are sure to be rumors circulating about the disadvantages of print advertisements. Digital media has tried to win over businesses who primarily used print ads, and to some extent, it has succeeded. However, many businesses continue to stay loyal to print advertising because of its longstanding success. To help you filter through the rumors and facts, here are the biggest print myths and why you can benefit from a print campaign.
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    Myth: You Can’t Personalize Print

    Contrary to this myth, print campaigns can be highly personalized for better engagement with consumers. This myth began about a decade ago when digital marketing hit the ground running. Printed materials can not only be personalized to reach a target audience, they can also be personalized in terms of demographic, location, or design.

    Myth: Print Has No Place in Today’s Digital World

    Although digital marketing has exploded in just a short time, print marketing is still highly effective in helping companies reach their customers. Since printed material can be sent directly to a customer’s home, businesses can ensure that they get their prospects’ undivided attention. Additionally, since printed materials are often left on countertops and side tables, they have a longer lifespan than digital ads. They hold a customer’s attention for much longer, thus making your ad more effective.

    Myth: Print Campaigns Are No Longer Effective

    When consumers use the Internet, they are bombarded with advertisements and popups that can distract them from paying attention to your message. Even while they are researching a product to purchase, it’s easy for them to get distracted by notifications from social media and email. Printed materials hold a reader’s attention longer than a digital ad. Because of its format, you can have a bigger impact on your consumers than if you posted your ad among the distractions of the Internet. When you post your ad in a newspaper or magazine, your reader will be more focused on absorbing the content with their undivided attention.

    Myth: Printing Is Killing the Economy

    One myth that has persuaded many businesses to give up print advertising is the idea that print is killing the economy. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, the printing industry is a big contributor to the economy, with an annual turnover of over $60 billion. This industry employs thousands of people, directly supports their livelihoods, and allows them to communicate with their audience outside of the cluttered digital world.

    Myth: Print and Digital Don’t Mix

    Although print has its advantages over digital marketing, the two can work even better together. You can use your direct mail inserts to lead your readers to your website to shop or redeem an offer. You can use your newspaper ad to encourage your customers to learn more on your web site or blog. There are many ways you can use these platforms together to get the most out of your time and resources.

    Myth: Printing Marketing Collateral Costs a Ton!

    Another myth that hinders businesses from choosing print as their marketing platform is the assumption that the collateral will cost them a fortune. The truth is, the higher the volume of your campaign, the more affordable it is. Additionally, a proper digital marketing campaign is not cheap. To reach a wide audience of people and have your ad seen more than your competitor’s, you will need to spend a lot of money online.

    Myth: Print Is Only Affordable When Done in Large Volumes

    Although in the past, companies needed to invest more to save in the long run, innovative technology has made it possible for companies to acheive even bigger savings without the huge investment. Companies can print short runs when there are budget constraints or print higher volumes as needed. It’s never been easier to personalize print volumes than it is today.

    Myth: Print Harms the Environment

    Truthfully, all paper products are recyclable, which means the printing industry is very gentle on the environment. Most newspapers and magazines today are printed on recycled materials, and even businesses that print brochures, inserts and flyers also use paper stock from recycled material.

    Experience the Benefits of Print Marketing with Help from Macromark

    Perhaps you’ve heard these myths about print before, and they’ve held you back from taking advantage of this platform. But information is key, and these points show how untrue these rumors are. If you’re surprised and impressed by these facts about print advertising, you can start today by adding it to your marketing strategy, so you can see results right away. With the right support from our marketing agency, you can get your customers interested in your products and services through a more direct approach than online advertising.

    If you are looking for the right media agency to help you get your newspaper advertisements traction, look no further than Macromark. Our print ad agency can help you set up a successful ad campaign, as well as offer direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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