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    Brain Food: Four Dietary Supplements for the Brain

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    The wide range of dietary supplements and the positive impact they exhibit on the health of their users has been noted by physicians and nutritionists alike. Their effects range from increased energy and vitality to “nootropic” effects. Nootropic effects refer to the improvement of mental capabilities, such as memory and concentration.

    As a company looking to capitalize on this demographic of dietary supplement users, your understanding of how these types of supplements are used by consumers becomes essential in determining whether they are an ideal target for your campaign. The benefits of these four dietary supplements are listed below, providing an accurate guideline for the individuals who will likely be consuming them on a regular basis; i.e. your target consumer. This information will help narrow the focus of your campaign, which typically leads to improved interaction with consumers.

    Best Supplements for Brain HealthDietary Supplements Mailing Lists

    As neuroscientists become more familiar with how the brain functions, they continue to recognize that dietary supplements offer many of the same benefits as pharmaceutical drugs in terms of helping to optimize the brain’s functions.

    Below is a list of dietary supplements that have been proven to offer benefits for the brain:

    Creatine: Once used by gym rats to enhance their athletic performance, creatine is now known to improve neurological capabilities as well. A recent study showed an increase in intelligence and speed processing after just six weeks of regular use.

    Theanine: Typically found in green tea and mushrooms but also commonly sold as a dietary supplement, one of the biggest benefits of theanine has been its use in preventing brain dysfunctions and strokes. It has been proven to help with focus and alertness.

    Passionflower: Made up of the aboveground parts of plants, passionflower is known to help fight anxiety. Other uses include helping with insomnia.

    DHA: This omega-3 fatty acid typically found in fish and seaweed helps improve memory function and is also thought to fight depression, although this has yet to be proven in a large-scale study. Studies now are also showing DHA to be a preventative supplement against the onset of dementia.

    Putting This Information to Use

    Being able to clearly identify your target consumer is step one to any successful direct mail campaign. Macromark has dietary supplement mailing lists that can accurately narrow down your target and help kick-start your campaign’s launch. Visit our site today for more info on how Macromark can help you with your direct mail marketing needs.


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