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    Catering Company Earns 25,000 in Revenue Using Direct Mail

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    For some businesses, it doesn’t take a lot of clients to earn a lot of revenue. It’s about being able to locate and target quality leads that turn into quality customers. Getting those quality leads is what takes work, but direct mail marketing is a proven means and, if done effectively, achieves some of the highest returns of any other marketing medium.

    Serendipity Catering in Denver, Colorado, recently saw the benefits of a targeted direct mail campaign. They used postcards to garner approximately $25,000 in revenue with a holiday campaign.

    How They Did It

    Direct Mail to Earn $25,000 in Three WeeksSerendipity Catering was determined to capitalize on the holiday season. They knew a lot of companies would be throwing parties and could use their services. However, they also knew that they had already catered to some businesses the year prior. So, part of this campaign was focused on the companies with which Serendipity had done business previously.

    Overall, they reached out to 4,000 targets. But Serendipity split the mailings into four rounds of 2,000 postcards each. Having multiple rounds of mailings ensured the brand awareness of Serendipity and really pushed its marketing message to the selected leads.

    By now you should know that design is a major part of any direct mail marketing campaign. Taking the time to carefully plot out each picture, deciding on colors, positioning the copy—all of this plays a role in determining how consumers will react.

    For the design, Serendipity Catering decided on light blue and green, along with a hint of deep purple. Images of appetizers were placed on the card as well as an image of a Christmas tree, and a smiling Serendipity employee. For the copy, Serendipity chose to write, “The Key to a Great Company Holiday Party is Great Food.”

    The Results They Saw

    It didn’t take long at all for Serendipity to see a return on their investment. Within three weeks, they fielded up to 15 responses, which lead to an incredible $25,000 in revenue. These were all from new catering jobs.

    What’s important to look at here is that it didn’t take many clients for Serendipity to earn a considerable amount of revenue. Before launching your campaign, you need to figure out just how many clients you need to convert to earn your expected revenue. Working backwards like that allows for sounder planning in the campaign, and makes it easier to make adjustments to reach those goals.

    Putting these types of direct mail marketing campaigns together is something in which Macromark has specialized for decades. We can help you focus your lists so you only target high-quality leads that translate into high-quality clients. Contact us to learn more about the direct mail services we can provide.


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