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    Charities and Direct Mail Marketing

    Sep 29 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Charities are in the dubious position of constantly having to raise funds not for any product or service, but for a cause in line with human, animal, educational, or environmental rights or an ailment or disease not being properly addressed by the leaders of society. They play on an individual’s empathy towards whichever cause is near to his or her heart to persuade them to donate a sum of money.

    As you can imagine, this is a difficult feat that requires the charity creating a personal connection with the donor. With this much sensitivity to a matter, Macromark notes that it’s not surprising that charities use direct mail as their preferred form of communicating with their audience. Direct mail marketing is intimate enough to reflect the often personal subject matter of any given charity while simultaneously conveying the importance of the individual contributing to the cause.

    Direct mail is so prevalent in advertising for charities that a recent U.K. study estimated that charities spend close to 70% of their budgets on this form of marketing. That’s a shocking number in this digital age, as less than two percent of the available budget was put towards online marketing.

    Although U.S. numbers have shown a slight rise in online advertising among charities in 2013, it’s safe to assume that charities will continue to use direct mail as the primary mode of marketing to their audience, and for good reason.

    With charities, every single dollar counts, so being able to first identify qualified targets and then track the responses to those targets is crucial to assuring the marketing budget is used efficiently. Targeting and tracking are two key features that make direct mail marketing more appealing, as well as big reasons why charities will continue to utilize mail as the preferred method of reaching out to donors.

    Macromark is a mailing list company that understands the importance of bootstrapping in order for charities to function effectively in regards to their cause. We know how to work with any budget to broker lists, then organize and execute a focused direct mail marketing campaign with high-quality targets to produce the most productive results.

    Charities are continuously in an ongoing battle, and convincing individuals or organizations to give to a cause for no material return is a difficult task for any organization. But with the expertise of Macromark, we’ve been able to conduct many successful campaigns over and over again, to the delight of our clients. Trust us to help your charity do the same.

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    David Klein

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