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    Connecting Direct Mail with Interactive Marketing

    Jan 9 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mailMarketing today should not be looked at as a singular process. By now, marketers should have a clear understanding that any marketing efforts should be done in tandem on multiple platforms. One such of these pairings is combining direct mail marketing with interactive marketing.

    Interactive marketing is essentially when marketers are able to react to the customers’ actions and preferences. It is trigger-based marketing that leads to further actions depending on how the customer responds to the initial outreach. When combining direct mail marketing with interactive marketing, the results can be powerful.

    Direct Mail and Interactive Marketing Made Real

    One of the main reasons direct mail marketing is so effective is because it is personal. It connects to consumers’ senses in ways other forms of marketing simply can’t. Similarly, interactive marketing encourages consumers to become involved in the marketing. It pushes them to somehow become engaged. Fusing these two platforms together can measurably enhance the experience for customers and create a deeper connection to the brand.

    A great example of pairing direct mail marketing with interactive marketing comes from a company in Utah. It sends out postcards to its customers every Christmas. On the most recent occasion, this company attempted to increase the engagement by including a QR code in the postcard along with a $20.00 bill.

    The reasoning for the QR code was straightforward. Scanning it directed customers to a YouTube video that featured employees speaking of how grateful they are for their customers. The inclusion of the $20.00 bill was more dynamic.

    The company asked that consumers take that money and use it for a small “charitable act.” But it didn’t stop there. Once they completed this charitable act, customers were asked to share their actions on Twitter.

    Impact of Combined Marketing

    So, with one simple mailer that included interactive principles, this company was able to achieve engagement on several levels. First, there’s the initial feeling of gratitude from the customers for receiving a postcard—this can’t be ignored. The fact you took the time to send them a card means something.

    Next, the company nudged them to perform an action rather than simply read the card. This action leads them to not only go out into their communities to do some good, but it also leads them to digital channels on which they are given the opportunity to interact directly with the company.

    Finally, it then brings everything together by having the customers share what they have done over social media. This means the customers’ friends and followers are now aware of the charity they have done but the company that inspired that action as well.

    It’s amazing how all of this was accomplished simply by sending out a piece of direct mail. It shows just how dynamic direct mail can still be and the widespread impact it can have when combined with other forms of marketing.

    Macromark is well aware of the potential of direct mail marketing. We’ve been in the industry for three decades and understand the power of combining marketing platforms to increase customer engagement. If you are interested in using direct mail to initiate your next marketing campaign, contact Macromark today.

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    David Klein

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