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    Construction Company Earns Ninety Percent of Business through Direct Mail

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    Business through Direct Mail MarketingGreentree Construction Inc., a small construction business operating out of Little Neck, New York, has been able to attract 90% of its business through direct-mail campaigns. It has been in business for a decade, which speaks to the quality of its work, but it was searching for a means of marketing that would better help reach its targets.

    After trying several different approaches, Greentree finally turned to direct-mail marketing, specifically using postcards. The results have been invaluable and ongoing, and the company continues to utilize direct mail to garner 90% of its revenue.

    Postcard Design

    We have spoken at length about the importance of design for any mailings in your campaigns. Regardless of the demographic, people are largely visual and their first impressions of your mailing will be based on appearances.

    Greentree Construction designed its cards to show all of the ways in which it can help homeowners repair or remodel their houses. From roofing to bathroom to masonry, all of its services were covered.

    Another important section of the design included copy letting targets know that the company offers financing options. In a market like home renovations, homeowners instantly want to know how they will be able to afford whatever changes they want to make to their homes. Including the financing option in addition to listing all of the available services, answered many of the questions an interested consumer would have when looking at the postcard.

    Direct Mail Driving Results

    Results are always the bottom line when it comes to marketing, and direct-mail marketing is what did it for Greentree. According to Peter Molina, co-owner of Greentree Construction, postcards are what bring in the bulk of his revenue—more than television or newspaper advertisements ever have.

    That is heavy praise, but he is not alone. On our web site, we’ve described a number of cases in which companies—large corporations to small businesses—have all enjoyed high levels of success utilizing direct mail. The bottom line is that it works.

    When executing any marketing campaign, you want to know that your efforts are paying off. You also want to know where and how you can improve on your campaign, and those options are all made possible with direct mail.

    Macromark has been witness to the effectiveness of direct-mail marketing for three decades. We understand the value of direct mail and how potent it can be in driving traffic and increasing revenue. We’ve seen and been a part of the profound impact of direct-mail campaigns for our clients. Contact us for more information about our direct-mail services.


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