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    Creative Direct Mail Piece Leads to 66% Conversion Rate

    Jul 14 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    We give a lot of examples of how companies large and small use direct mail to increase profits, get people out to an event, or for several other reasons. From big banks to independently-owned pizza shops, companies all over the world have found inventive ways to incorporate direct mail into their marketing with outstanding results.

    In this particular article, we’ve identified another case in which direct mail was used to reinvigorate a dying event. Since 2010, Thailand’s Leo Burnett advertising agency had been putting on Cannes Predictions, the agency’s predictions of winners for an annual advertising industry event geared at showcasing exceptional work from marketers around the world.

    Direct Mail Marketing

    Attendance had been down the previous two years, so Leo Burnett set out to get marketers excited gain and increase turnout. To do this, an invitation was sent out to 300 of the top marketers in Thailand sealed with an image of a broken lion’s fang. The fang had two symbolic meanings. First, it was an allusion to the actual Cannes Lions creativity festival, as the prizes are “Cannes Lions.” But more emotionally, it represented the Thai saying “to break a lion’s tooth means to take a risk.”

    Results Exceed Expectations

    The result of the campaign was significant. Out of the 300 mailers sent, 200 attended the event, many of which were for the first time. Only 50 marketers attended the event the year before, so the campaign represented a 66% conversion rate and a 150% jump in attendance and reenergized the entire Cannes Predictions festival.

    What Can We Learn?

    We always stress the importance of following certain guidelines when planning any direct mail campaign. You need to do your research before starting the campaign to narrow down your target as precisely as possible. Getting together the content is another important step. You need to communicate in a tone your targets will respond to, and part of that is creating an engaging design for the content. By default, the first reaction from a consumer will be visual. That’s your first opportunity to make an impression and it’s one that must be taken seriously if you hope to capture their attention.

    Once targets are identified, the mailer is designed, and content is agreed upon, the next vital step is to test, test, test. Leo Burnett was fortunate that their target audience was pretty much set. They knew who they wanted to attend their event and so much of their focus was put on how to create an engaging message. Since their event was already established and they were trying to again convince other marketers of its merit, they chose imagery that would evoke the most emotional response possible, something that spoke both to the cculture of the event and the culture of the country, along with challenging these marketers to take a risk.

    Macromark has been in the direct mail marketing business for close to 30 years. We know how to best get consumers to respond to mailers that result in the type of conversion rates needed to help your company attract more business. Contact us for more details on how working with Macromark can benefit your bottom line.

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    David Klein

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