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    Dermatology Practice Earns Over 600% Return on its Direct Mail Campaign

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    We want to keep the focus on small businesses. We’ve spoken in our previous article about some of the myths surrounding direct mail marketing and its usefulness for small businesses. In this example, we show how just one mailing garnered this client hundreds of new clients.

    Seaside Dermatology, a skincare practice based in South Carolina that offers services in acne and aging care, was looking to attract new clients. It decided to use postcards as its primary means of marketing, and judging by the results, it was certainly more than successful.

    The Process

    In this kind of business, attracting patients from the surrounding area is of paramount importance. The team at Seaside Dermatology understood this immediately and decided on a direct mail campaign targeted at 15,000 addresses from the area.

    What’s interesting about this campaign is that the actual postcard design was very simple. Apart from the Seaside Dermatology logo, there were no other images included as part of the design. It also decided on a simple color scheme of black or white lettering on a black and gray background.

    With this simple design, the emphasis was put on the copy. The most prominent text was in a large-sized font and announced that Seaside was now accepting appointments. It also instructed prospects to call and gives the times they were available during the week.

    The back of the postcard gave a detailed list of all of the skincare services Seaside provides, such as acne, rosacea, warts, and moles. This made it clear to prospects exactly what they could expect and let them know whether Seaside Dermatology was able to help with their specific skin conditions.

    Return on Investment (ROI)

    As simple as the mailer was, the results it garnered were anything but. Seaside mailed out 15,000 pieces and was able to secure over 300 new clients. The initial visit for each client averaged $100, which means the revenue from the campaign for Seaside was approximately $30,000.

    Seaside invested just over $4,600 in the campaign. That means the profit is in the vicinity of $25,000. What makes this story even more amazing is that Seaside Dermatology only sent out mailings one time. We speak all the time about the benefits of sending out mailings repeatedly to really get the message across to potential consumers, so Seaside was lucky to have these results right away.

    However, imagine if they refine their mailing list and do another round of mailings. The results may not be as high as the number of new patients because they already had great success the first time around, but the efficiency will likely be higher.

    This type of success does not always happen so quickly, but it certainly is possible. With a focused list—which we provide here at Macromark—and a clear strategy for targeting and reaching consumers, any small business can expect to have measurable success with its direct mail marketing campaigns.

    Macromark has been at the forefront of countless successful direct mail marketing campaigns. We understand the process begins with list-building, which is why we offer the most responsive lists in the business. Contact us now before starting your next campaign and let us help you get on the right path.


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