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    Direct Mail Case Study Goes Overseas

    Oct 31 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Direct mail is typically associated with a form of traditional marketing not thought to be as attractive as other more current marketing mediums, such as e-mail and social media. But as Macromark observes, it’s a misconception to believe that direct mail lacks personality when in fact, it can be one of the most creative forms of reaching and converting consumers.

    Case in point is a recent campaign run by Singapore fashion line BackJoy to launch their new “StandRight” footwear collection. For the actual event launch, BackJoy mailed invitations with a female model on the card wearing footwear from the collection. They also included a keychain that acted as the entry pass to what was a private invite-only event.

    The results were amazing, as over 65 guests and 40 media personnel attended the launch. Further, the keychains ended up making such an impression that guests requested additional keychains during the event and more were given out with a purchase from the new StandRight footwear collection.

    Macromark can attest to how much creativity plays a factor in any targeted direct mail campaign. Finding ways to make your mail stand out in a way that is in line with your brand and appropriate to your audience is crucial to the success of a campaign and is one of the key factors we often discuss.

    And creativity doesn’t mean being over the top. The keychain that BackJoy used certainly stood out, but it was both functional as an entry pass and relevant to the target audience, which is why it was so well received.

    Macromark understands the nuances of putting together a targeted direct mail campaign that speaks to the intended audience. We’ve been expert list brokers for over 20 years and continue to provide high-quality direct mail services for all our clients. Regardless of if you’re conducting a direct mail campaign in Singapore or South Dakota, the guidelines remain the same; a clear, creative and focused campaign wins every time.


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    David Klein

    David Klein is CEO and President of Macromark, Inc. David has a rich and deep background in direct response marketing. His experience comes from being a consultant and list broker with more than 25 years in the Industry; working with several hundred different clients in just about every industry, market or niche found in direct mail. David is a graduate of the University of Illinois with high honors advanced degree course work in Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Part of Macromark’s vision is to help its clients succeed in their acquisition efforts for finding new customers regardless of the marketing channel or media used. Add me to your G+