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    Direct Mail Marketing Helps American Community Bank Generate Millions in New Deposits

    Nov 18 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Large banks have felt a resurgence of sorts in their return on investment (ROI) when it comes to direct mail marketing. We’ve profiled how a few big banks have been able to capitalize by placing a strong focus on traditional—rather than modern—direct mail marketing techniques, but it’s not just the larger banks that have had success.

    American Community Bank in Mineola, New York experienced an amazing ROI with their direct mail campaign. They used postcard marketing as a way to attract new clients, and the results spoke for themselves.

    Standing Out From the CompetitionDirect Mail

    Community banks always have a more difficult time attracting and maintaining clients. They have to compete with big banks and big bank marketing budgets, which can obviously be intimidating and difficult to overcome.

    Being a local bank, American Community Bank knew that personal service and trust was one thing that could separate them from larger competitors. They wanted to focus on the trust factor, so, when they went about designing the postcards for the campaign, that’s exactly what they did.


    The postcards featured bright colors with an excited person in the foreground. Each mailing also had a different offer, be it a new chequing or savings account or announcing their grand opening. Knowing that local clients are most important, American Community Bank mailed out 9,000 pieces in the first part of their campaign. They focused only on residential addresses within their local zip code and did two rounds of this mailing using a different card for each. For the second part of the campaign, they shipped out 15,000 cards and opened up their mailings to both businesses and residencies within a certain parameter of their location.

    The results of this campaign were astounding. America Community Bank was able to secure 250 new accounts with over $17,000,000 in deposits. And, yes, that’s from a single campaign with 33,000 cards mailed.

    This kind of success seems rare, but we’ve documented several cases in which both large corporations and small businesses have experienced similar results in terms of their ROI. The fact is, when you use direct mail correctly, great results can be expected.

    Of course, no one can promise this type of return. But if you narrow your targets, create high-quality prints with eye-catching designs and a strong call to action, then you can expect to improve revenue.

    Macromark has been part of many successful direct mail campaigns. We understand the attention to detail that’s necessary for campaigns to reach their targets and for consumers to be engaged. With three decades of service in the direct mail industry, we’re confident we can help your business reach its marketing and revenue goals as well. Call us today at 845-230-6300 or email us at

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    David Klein

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