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    Direct Marketers have a tough Job but this must be the hardest!

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    I wonder how many individuals, business or marketers these days would reach for the “printed” phone book, a directory or yellow pages to find a “source” for a service or for more information on a company……. my guess would be very few people would be it consumers or businesses.

    The reality is print for pure information “directory” purposes is dead and dying.    It’s not just directories that will cease printing but many of our favorite news and entertainment sources too.  Smart Money Magazine went completely online and I suspect many other magazines will follow in the months and years ahead.

    Can you imagine however being a salesperson trying to sell space advertising in a printed directory?  I suppose with most certainty the printed version is now the added bonus to online listings.  It just couldn’t be sold any other way, not with a straight face at least…..

    I’m always challenged by questions on how things should be sold or positioned and what media should be used to sell it in, be it products or services.  I would always love to say to use direct mail especially if it’s what the client wants to hear, but the right marketing specialist will understand all the possible ways to position or sell a product.  You should be guided and advised to embrace the strategy and media that is best for “your” business not the vendor’s business you contact.

    Each media be it direct mail, online (organic and paid search/email/banners/social), television, space advertising or radio has to be developed and used based on the product positioning the cost of the product and or the nature of the offer being extended or advertised and the likeliness of the media performing based on the psychographic of the target market.

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