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    E-Cig Company Uses Direct Mail to Attract Consumers

    Feb 19 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Direct Mail to Attract ConsumersWe’ve shown many examples of direct mail’s success attracting consumers. Whether businesses use direct mail to communicate with existing customers or to attract new ones, the effectiveness of a focused campaign can be immense.

    We’ve also seen examples of how direct mail can be used in business-to-business (B2B) campaigns. The conversion rates in these instances are equally as impressive and have helped many businesses grow through the connections they made using direct mail.

    In this example, Vape Shoreditch, an e-cigarette startup, decided to create a direct mail subscription model to sell its e-liquids (the flavored liquids that e-cigarettes use). It’s a bit of a unique idea in this day and age of digital everything, but the model has proven successful enough for investors to take notice.

    Since their launch back in February of 2015, Vape Shoreditch has been able to confirm approximately GBP 235,000. That’s a significant amount for an e-cig startup. Co-founder Ryan Shaw says the money is being used to expand and to explore new ways for retail distribution, including kiosks and the possibility of Vape Shoreditch products being carried in convenience stores.

    Vape Shoreditch is a company that knows itself and knows its consumers. Their targets are neither the eccentric e-cig smokers who prefer wide varieties of flavors and multiple vaping hardware nor the novice vapers. Shaw states simply that the company is attempting to simplify vaping, which it found most other e-cigarette retailers don’t do.

    Direct Mail

    It’s always interesting to learn about how different companies around the world are incorporating direct mail into their marketing. There are so many ways to effectively use direct mail, and companies now are getting cleverer.

    By using direct mail as a subscription model to sell to consumers, Vape Shoreditch was being innovative; it used an already-existing model and applied it to a much newer market. You can expect there would be some anxiety about the results, but being able to secure that much funding—and with Shaw predicting more funding to come by the summer—it’s easy to see that this risk was worth it.

    At Macromark, we pride ourselves on understanding the direct mail marketing industry from every angle. From list-building to helping to structure campaigns, Macromark has three decades of experience under its belt. That means we’ve grown with the industry, we’ve learned how to adapt, and we continue to strive as one of the top list brokers in the country.

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