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    Elements of Ad Layouts for Magazine Advertisements

    May 10 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media


    When creating your advertisement layout in a magazine, there are some key aspects to keep in mind. It’s not as simple as placing your ad on a page—your ad itself must contain certain qualities that draw readers in and inspire them to act or make a purchase. To prevent your ads in magazines from going unnoticed by your prospects or lacking effectiveness, here are some core principles to keep in mind.

    What Makes You Stand Out from Your Competition?

    One of the reasons why so many companies choose to post their advertisements in magazines is because of the overwhelming competition of online advertising. Online ads can quickly get lost amongst competitor ads, and many consumers will install ad blockers or put your ad in their spam folder as they try to avoid them.

    What makes advertising in magazines so different? How can you stand out from your competitors? Take some time to figure out and focus on what makes you special. Show your prospects why your business should be their number one choice, and why they should not even consider your competitors. Your ad should include a unique selling proposition, which clearly explains the product or service benefit. This proposition must be something your competitors cannot or do not offer, and must be strong enough to attract new customers and potential customers.

    Create Compelling Headlines

    The average human attention span gets shorter with each generation, and nowadays people read and scan information very quickly. The average person comes in contact with so many advertisements each day, that they cannot possibly have the time to read all of them. This is why your magazine ad should grab and keep their attention. Whether you use direct mail or post your ad in a local magazine, your prospects need to draw their eyes to your ad and be moved by the message in some way.

    The best way to do that is through your headline. You need to think about who your target audience is and what would get their attention. If you are releasing a new service or product, a newsworthy headline might work well. Meanwhile, you could also write a headline that clearly states the benefits of the product, such as: “Increase your energy levels with…”.

    Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

    Consumers love a great deal, so another aspect of your ad should be providing an offer that is so good that they need to continuously buy from you. You may offer unbeatable prices, free trials, free shipping, or bundled packages, but whatever your offer is, it should show that you are going out of your way to give your customers a good deal. Once you find out what your irresistible offer is, proudly advertise it!

    Your ad should also include the features of your product or service that benefits the customer. Here is an exercise to help you: List out your services or products and write down what each does. For each of these features, write down what the benefit is for the client. This exercise will help you choose the right words to include in your ad, so that your readers feel compelled to contact you.

    The “Call to Action”

    As important as it is to tell your customers what your company has to offer, it’s still not enough. You need to encourage them to act. All you need is a few words at the end of your ad to direct your customers to your product or service. You can tell them to order your product, visit your web site, cash in a coupon at your brick-and-mortar store, or call you.

    Without a good call to action, your customers will have information, but no directions as to what to do with it. Use exciting words and persuasive language to give them that extra push.

    Make It Seem Urgent

    To really drive the urgency home, you need to motivate your reader to move forward and do something as soon as possible. When people see an ad and think that they can buy the product or service later, they might forget about it. You need to encourage your reader to act as soon as possible rather than later.

    Urgency can be created in a number of ways. You can make your offer time-limited, so that your customers only have a few weeks or days to decide or you can make your offer limited to a certain number of customers. How ever you choose to create urgency, it’s important to drive the message that now is the right time to act.  

    Use Exciting Graphics

    Ads with graphics and beautiful images catch the eye better than simple text. This is because people are visual and don’t always want to receive information by reading. You can appeal to this visual interest by adding exciting graphics to your ads or using a creative font in your brand logo. Adding something visual will draw them right to your ad an increase their interest in your offer.

    Complete Contact Information

    With all these aspects to consider, it’s easy to forget to include your contact information. Once you have told your reader what you are selling, you need to tell them where they can buy it. Use your ad to link to your web site for more information and include a phone number or e-mail address, so that they can contact you.

    Your web site and your online marketing strategy should connect to your print marketing strategy. Use your print ad to connect your readers to your web site or online store so that they can learn more about your company and your offer.

    How Macromark Can Help You

    Are you planning on using print media to distribute your ad? We can help! At Macromark, we specialize in helping our clients create strong, effective, successful magazine ad campaigns. Our variety of services can be customized to suit your business goals and we have packages that can work with a range of budgets. No matter the size of your organization, we can help you target your audience, retain customers, and build your reputation among your audience as a company they can trust.

    If you need help catching the eyes of your readers and establishing an effective magazine advertising campaign, consider working with our print advertising agency. Our services also include direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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