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    Event Marketing and Direct Mail

    Dec 16 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Business concept of a pencil, charts, eyeglasses, calculatorEvent marketing is a great way to get your brand in front of groups of people who are likely interested in your products. Being prepared to effectively engage these consumers and convert them into paying customers is the key element to a successful event.

    Even if you are just throwing an event without the intention of selling any product, branding should always be top of mind. From the invites to the tickets, everything needs to connect to the brand or brands being represented.

    Direct mail can actually play an important role in achieving this success. Before, during, and  after the event, utilizing direct mail marketing tactics will only increase your opportunities to impress customers and further solidify your brand in their minds.

    Working Your Platform

    There are several reasons why direct mail marketing is so important when using it to market for an event. One of the biggest reasons is because of personalization. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something special or exciting. Sending them a uniquely designed piece of direct mail with their name as part of the design stirs those feelings better than any other type of marketing platform.

    Another big plus of using direct mail to market an event is the fun factor. Think of all the different creative options you have with direct mail. We’ve spoken before about companies who have taken extreme liberties with invitations, telling full stories through multiple mailings; including samples of products or placing clues in the pieces. So much more can be done with direct mail to engage the consumers on a level not possible with other platforms.

    Before and After

    Direct mail marketing is known for its ability to accurately track the metrics of its campaigns. This is a significant advantage when preparing for an event. You can utilize mailing lists of all the individuals who attended past events and send them another invite. And because you did a good job by including some kind of redemption on previous invites, you can be confident with who actually attended. This allows you to mention how much you appreciated them attending your last event, and that you know they’ll enjoy your upcoming event as well.

    These types of mailings can continue even after the event is over. Sending out follow-up mailings thanking the person for coming, and perhaps using your call to action to guide them to another offer reaffirms your brand’s presence.

    Event Marketing Tools

    As we mentioned before, you can pretty much use just about anything as part of your campaign. But there are some simple pieces that work effectively. Postcards are a great example, along with flyers, program brochures, and of course your invitations and tickets.

    It’s important, as well, not to completely ignore digital channels in your event marketing. Blending social media or e-mail marketing with direct mail has been proven to increase conversions. Steering consumers toward your web site using clever direct mail copy and imagery is a strategy that should be embraced.

    Getting any number of people to commit to attending an event isn’t easy. So much goes into timing, location, and just plain interest. But if done with a targeted approach, using direct mail as the catalyst, then it no longer seems as daunting.

    Macromark understands the importance direct mail marketing can have on a campaign. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and know what it takes to lead or initiate successful campaigns. For more information about the direct mail services we can provide for your business, contact us today.


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    David Klein

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