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    Health and Fitness Center Generates Close to $10,000 in Additional Revenue Through Direct Mail Marketing

    Apr 15 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingOne of the most difficult industries to penetrate with any level of success is the world of health and fitness. Even as Americans become more aware of their personal health and attempt to take better control of their health regiments, from a business perspective it’s often difficult to acquire targets at a sustainable rate.

    So when we discovered the success of an integrated health and medical center named Sentara Center for Health and Fitness, we knew it was important to share their story and the intricate role direct mail marketing played in helping them grow.

    How it Happened

    Sentara Center for Health and Fitness located in Hampton, Virginia, has a lot to offer its members. They have a state-of-the-art facility, but struggled to get membership to a number they felt was reflective of all the resources they provided. They then decided that the best means of increasing membership would be a direct mail marketing campaign targeted at a very specific demographic.

    Step by Step

    Sentara’s main appeal is to the middle age demographic who are concerned about staying healthy during that portion of their life. From that perspective, the mailing list contained targets from age 40 all the way up to age 70, and only included those who made an income of $75,000 or more. It was determined this was the list of prospects that would most need the services offered at Sentara.

    The next step was designing the card. Four images were put on the card of both males and females within the age range identified. They were all in active positions, and the main copy on the postcard read, “Today my heart will beat stronger.” Below the images and main copy, an offer to save 25% on the membership fees was also included, giving targets even more incentive to join. A more peripheral design application was using the color blue, which symbolizes wisdom along with suggesting a great benefit to the mind and body.

    You Reap What You Sew

    Sentara pushed out 1,000 mailings each month. That investment was realized with them earning two or three new members from each mailing. That resulted in $9,600 in revenue directly from these new members. For a field as competitive as health and fitness, this is quite an achievement.

    A focused and narrow mailing list, strategic and eye-catching design, and enticing copy: those are the factors that has led to the success of Sentara during this campaign. These are also some of the more important principles that Macromark instructs while working with our clients.

    Though it sounds simple, getting to this minimalist version of a direct mail marketing structure takes a lot of effort and coordination. Let Macromark help get you there. Contact us now before starting your next direct mail marketing campaign.

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    David Klein

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