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    Home Improvement and Garden Retailer Uses Direct Mail to Solidify Customer Loyalty

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    When you win second place at the Direct Mail Association Awards for “Best Use of Direct Mail,” you know your campaign was successful. That was exactly the case for Homebase, a home improvement and garden retailer based in Britain with over 300 stores across the U.K. Their “Let’s Get Gardening” campaign was aimed at approximately 500,000 customers who they targeted during the popular and lucrative spring season.

    The CampaignDirect Mail Marketing

    Spring is an important time of year for Homebase. They make roughly have their yearly revenue during this season and so it’s crucial for them to focus their customer base as soon as spring hits. The mission was to inspire customers to come to Homebase for any home improvement or gardening needs for the duration of the season, and a multi-layered direct mail piece was the catalyst of this mission.

    The direct mail piece sent out to half a million customers contained special offers and tips, a garden planner, and was supported by a survey and web site dedicated to the campaign. What the survey prompted customers to do was share their gardening projects, which led to further follow-up direct mail pieces once initial transactions were made. All of the special offers were good for the entire spring season to ensure customers returned to Homebase to complete their gardening and home improvement projects.

    Campaign Success

    Keep in mind the purpose of this campaign was customer loyalty. Homebase wanted to be at the top of customers’ minds during what is their busiest and most profitable time of year. The results of the campaign saw customers visit Homebase 33% more often and outspending the control group by 20%.

    Those were all excellent statistics for the campaign, but maybe the best takeaway was having over 27,000 customers fill out the survey, which allowed Homebase to further engage and extend the campaign through to the fall. That lead to an eight percent increase in lifetime customer value and increased retention as customers began other home improvement projects.

    Don’t Take Anything for Granted

    Homebase didn’t grow to over 300 stores by accident; they are obviously a company that doesn’t rest on its successes. Instead, they continued to challenge themselves to find ways to motivate their customers, and this time, direct mail was the facilitator.

    Being able to reach out to over half a million customers is a huge base, but that also means it’s not easy to make sure every customer feels like they’re being catered to. Using the personal feel of direct mail helps stir those feelings, and the offers within the direct mail piece solidified Homebase as the first choice for spring gardening and home improvement projects.

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