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    How Direct Mail Holiday Catalogs Still Work Today

    Aug 18 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    holiday catalogs by mailYou may be like many businesses out there that have switched to online marketing from print catalog marketing. For a while, this method has saved companies money thanks to the rise and popularity of the digital world for promotion and sales. Surprisingly, however, the companies that have maintained their print catalog campaigns in tandem with their online marketing strategies have seen tremendous growth and success. While many people believe direct mail holiday catalogs are dead, the evidence proves otherwise. Here is how direct mail still works today, and how you can have a successful catalog marketing campaign that grabs the attention of your target audience and encourages them to follow through with a purchase.

    Are Direct Mail Holiday Catalogs Dead?

    Are catalogs still relevant? They certainly are! The average catalog costs about a dollar to print and deliver, yet returns twice that amount for every prospective customer and $10 for every return customer it reaches. Almost 60% of online shoppers browse catalogs to get their ideas, and 90% of women report that they were more inclined to buy an item online that they first saw in a catalog. But how do they benefit your business during peak seasons like the holidays? Here’s what you need to know.

    Why Catalogs Are Important for Your Business During the Holiday Season

    Holds Interest Longer

    When customers receive a marketing e-mail or visit a web site, they browse through very quickly. This is because when customers shop online, they are typically looking for a specific item. If they cannot find it in the first few seconds, they move on to a different search. As for catalogs, customers spend much more time flipping through the pages, staring at the images, and reading the informative pieces of text. Even in this era of instant gratification, buyers will slow down long enough to read a magazine, skim through a book, or flip through the pages of your catalog.

    Used for Content Marketing

    As a marketer, it is important to create relevant and useful content to not only attract a potential customer but engage them as well. Even with blogs and e-books online, customers can quickly vanish after spending a limited amount of time on your content. A smart way to keep them around for longer is to use a print catalog. You can market your content, hold their interest for a longer period of time, and have a better chance of making an impact.

    Higher Rate of Response

    When it comes to the response rate, statistics have shown that direct mail produces better results than digital marketing. Even within the realm of print marketing, catalogs result in higher conversions then direct mail letters. This is because information about your brand’s products is delivered directly into the hands of your consumers. Even if they do not follow through with a purchase, the catalog has done its job by providing information and making a lasting impression in their minds. Through the use of images and text, you can create an interest and a need in your customers’ minds and emphasize that what you have to offer is essential. You can also use catalogs to redirect them to your online store or web site so they can find more information.

    Customers Spend More

    With stores like Amazon and holidays like Black Friday, e-commerce has the potential to hit all-time highs during the holidays. Even so, Internet-only shoppers spend less in total than those who search through a catalog before buying, even if they make their purchase online. Consider giants like Ikea: their catalogs are some of the most popular reads for customers. Their catalogs sit on coffee tables and are saved for years and years. Customers will go back to old catalogs and look for items and interior decoration ideas over and over again, maintaining their interest in the products the company has to offer. Catalogs get people excited about the holidays, too. Flipping through a collection of items that creates a sense of warmth and comfort entices customers to buy the foods, clothing, gifts, jewelry, furniture, or other items you offer.

    Tips for Successful Direct Mail Holiday Catalogs

    If you want to improve your results by using a catalog marketing strategy for the holidays, here is some useful advice. You should turn your catalogs into valuable and helpful resources that encourage customers to choose the best products for them. The catalogs should inspire customers, so you should market them in a way that creates an experience. Instead of focusing on mail-order sales, pay more attention to identifying with your customers, communicating your brand’s relevance and desirability, and guiding customers to your web site to place an order. There are many catalog printing discounts available, so take advantage of them to print attractive, premium catalogs that do not lower your return on investment.

    Work with a Professional Catalog Marketing Company

    Now that you’re aware of the importance of catalogs in business, you might want to take the opportunity to set up a catalog campaign of your own. Even with a successful digital marketing strategy, you can use print marketing as well to support and complement your outreach and sales. But where do you begin? You can get expert advice, guidance, and support for your campaigns with a catalog marketing company like Macromark. We provide our clients with effective catalog marketing strategies, direct mail listings, subscription box services, and more. We can help you take advantage of this opportunity to grow and acquire a bigger customer base. We provide all the information, advice, and assistance you need to get your marketing campaigns up and running. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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