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    How Financial Advisors Can Improve Direct Mail Marketing Results

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    Direct Mail MarketingThe thing about working in the financial sector is that you are dealing with one of the most sensitive topics for most people: their money. Whether that person has a lot or not so much, they are counting on your expertise to help them better manage their income. This takes a level of trust from customers, which exceeds what’s expected in most other professions. It’s important that you build on that trust from the very first time you communicate with that customer.

    This is one of the primary reasons we suggest financial advisors use direct mail marketing. When 70% of Americans say direct mail feels more personal than e-mail marketing, you should take notice. More personal communication means less resistance from the customer. They are more open to hear what you have to say, which should lead to higher conversion rates.

    In order for any financial advisor to get the most out of their direct mail marketing, they need to understand how to initiate and execute campaigns. We describe a few ways to make this possible.

    Utilize Postcards in Your Campaign

    When trying to get the attention of a consumer for the first time, you have to find a way to make an immediate impression. Because postcards offer the opportunity for customers to instantly see the visuals with the copy, your piece has a better chance of getting noticed. A recent report says that 80% of Americans don’t waste any time sorting through their mail once they pick it up from the mailbox. This sorting is often done over a garbage can. Postcard marketing gives consumers a chance to engage with your message and decide within that very moment if it has any value. Mail in an envelope has to make it past this initial sorting to have any hope of being read.

    Speak Directly to Your Consumer

    No matter how visually appealing your direct mail piece may be or how well you’ve crafted your headline, none of that will matter if you are not speaking to the right audience. Before you begin your campaign, you must do an adequate amount of preliminary work in determining precisely who your target audience will be. Once that research is completed, you can find mailing lists that align to those targets. As a financial advisor, you may have several different targets. Maybe one of your target groups is Baby Boomers. Maybe the other is Millennials. Each campaign needs to be focused on only one of those targets so the copy and the design can be optimized accordingly.

    Experiment and Diversify

    Direct mail marketing is going to take some trial and error. The goal is to hone in on the copy and design that spurs the best results. Once that perfect combination is accomplished, then you can really start pushing with consistency and repetition to build the familiarity needed to gain the trust of your consumers. As a marketer, this may take you stepping out of your comfort zone and diversifying your approach. As long as you remember that you are operating in an industry where consumers are likely to be sensitive. So, in your experimenting, make sure you are always mindful of the fact that you are asking consumers to trust you with their money. Getting too cute with your messaging may not be the best mode of action.

    Macromark understands all of these principles. We help our clients find the most effective approach to direct mail marketing in many industries, which includes the financial industry. Our strength is in providing clients with mailing lists that match their exact target audience. From that point on, we assist in guiding our clients through the entire direct mail marketing process.

    If you are looking for proven ways of connecting with new consumers as a financial advisor, contact Macromark today. We have three decades of direct mail experience and can help you reach your sales goals.


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