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    How Free-Standing Inserts Boost Your Marketing

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    Free-Standing InsertsThere are endless benefits of free-standing inserts (FSIs) when compared to remnant advertising or direct mail. While all three options are great for boosting your readership and gaining leads for your marketing campaign, FSI marketing has some additional advantages that you won’t want to miss out on. They can help you upsell, attract new customers, engage customers in a discovery, educate, and more. So, before you launch your next campaign, learn about how free-standing insert companies can help you grow your business more than ever before.

    What Are Free-Standing Inserts?

    Free-standing inserts are vital in any integrated, consumer, promotional, or marketing endeavor. These marketing communication pieces are inserted into print media like newspapers or magazines. When you’re at the dentist’s office and you open a magazine, those loose papers that fall out are FSIs. The descriptor “free standing” means they are not bound to the newspaper or magazine.

    3 Types of FSIs

    Free-standing inserts come in a variety of forms which include single sheet, multi-page tabloid, and broadsheet.

    Single Sheet

    For a brief but explanatory ad, the single-sheet design is best for you. If you want to get straight to the point or have a single item, coupon, special offer, or event to showcase, a single-sheet FSI is all you’ll need.

    Multi-Page Tabloid

    To deliver a power and affordable ad campaign, you can choose a four-page tabloid FSI. Instead of a single cardstock page, this FSI form reads more like a little magazine. The size allows you to showcase special promotions, a collection of your products, and your contact information.


    Broadsheet is the largest size of FSI offered by most printing companies. It is typically 21” in length and between 9” and 12.5” in width. This FSI opens like a newspaper, displays high-quality images, and has the biggest advertising impact. The large size draws the attention of the reader and allows your message or offer to be the focal point.

    Examples of FSIs

    When you open a newspaper and see inserts of product announcements, coupons, store advertisements and sales, entertainment announcements, or mini-magazines, these are all examples of FSIs.

    7 Advantages of FSIs in Marketing

    Numerous advantages are in store for your marketing campaign if you use FSIs. These colorful brochures are great for getting readers’ attention, offering sales on everything from fashion products to electronics, and are an effective channel to drive major traffic to your web site or store. Here are some of the terrific benefits of using FSIs for your marketing campaign.

    Get Your Ad Read More

    FSIs get read more because they stand out from the newspaper or magazine. Readers nowadays typically have shorter attention spans, so your brief inserts are a great way to get your message across quickly and effectively.


    FSIs are more cost-effective than having a large or medium-sized ad in a newspaper or magazine. With digital and online printing at your fingertips, printing colored inserts have never been easier or cheaper. Distributing an insert is sometimes more economical than direct mail, which requires a larger investment in printing and postage. Depending on your budget, FSIs may be more suited to your needs than direct mail or remnant advertising. With FSIs, you can mail the same list periodically at a more affordable rate.

    Better Brand Marketing

    FSIs give you an advantage over smaller in media ads. You are able to tell the entire story of your campaign to generate leads and keep people interested in your material. Also, there can be no competitive ads included within the same insert space in a newspaper or magazine, meaning you can have the most impact on customers.

    Implied Endorsements

    Since your FSI is included in another company’s publication, there is an assumed level of trust associated with the partnership. When consumers read your ad, they will have a more favorable view of it especially if they enjoy the magazine or newspaper they found it in. This implied endorsement from a trusted source works in your favor!

    Customized Consumer Targets

    Inserts allow brands and companies to reach specific consumer groups. You can saturate your FSI placement to specific ZIP codes, delivery zones, or cities and directly impact your market.

    Cross-Channel Results

    If you want to drive customers to your web site, blog, landing page, phone, or mailbox, FSIs can achieve this goal for you. You can include information in your insert, encouraging customers to contact you or learn more via those channels. This ultimately boosts the amount of attention your brand receives on all of its platforms.

    Easily Measured Results

    Insert media is easy to track, measure, and analyze to determine the influence it had on your entire marketing campaign. You can easily gauge which papers are the most effective and what the cost per acquisition is, then make wise and informed decisions to take advantage of the most successful markets only. FSIs make it easy to know if your campaign achieved its objective or if you need to make certain adjustments.

    Plan Your Effective FSI Marketing Strategy with Macromark

    With over 30 years of experience, Macromark has grown to become one of the leaders of the direct mail and print industries. We help our clients target consumers with precision through our comprehensive list offerings, and we work with clients on placing effective remnant ads and insert media. If you are looking for a company to help lead your next free-standing insert marketing strategy, contact us at 1-(845) 230-6300 today. We’ll show you multiple ways to take advantage of our insert and alternative marketing and help you effectively reach your targets at higher rates.

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