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    How Interesting Direct Mail Formats Help Increase Response Rates

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    interesting direct mail formatsTesting out interesting or unusual direct mail formats is a great way to bring an organization new design innovations and new ideas for clients. Testing direct mail formats provides valuable insights into many aspects of this kind of promotion and outreach, and it can enhance your production capabilities. Whether the format works or not, these tests are important for steering a business towards new solutions. There are many different kinds of direct marketing formats to test, but you need to be sure that your staff enjoys solving complex puzzles, and has an open mind to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    Direct Mail Formats & Response Rates

    When experimenting with direct mail formats, the experience and versatility of staff is just one important factor. It is also important to note that testing various formats allows you to find better ways to communicate and deliver information to customers, and get better direct mail response rates. With the way the digital age has essentially taken over marketing for many businesses, you may be wondering why you should bother using print media. Here are some interesting facts that may surprise you: 86% of customers say they pick up their mail at the first opportunity they get, 63% look forward to receiving mail, and 79% sort their mail as soon as they receive it. The process of going through flyers, envelopes, and catalogs, and choosing what interests them from what doesn’t, takes more time with tangible material than digital. Additionally, people tend to spend more time reading a tangible ad rather than online ads, which are easily closed or ignored. The attention span is much longer when it comes to reading, and the layout of digital marketing formats also tends to appeal to customers.

    Top Interesting Direct Mail Formats

    There are many different direct mail letter formats, each with its own set of advantages and appealing factors. Here are the most popular direct mail formats and why they are advantageous to you if you decide to try them out.


    Postcards offer prospective customers the instant gratification of getting your offer and information about your brand at one easy glance. Without opening an envelope, or unfolding paper, they will receive an instant explanation of your service or products and have their interest sparked.


    Perhaps the most experimental form of direct mail is a catalog. These marketing products combine the beautiful and eye-capturing design of high-definition photography, creating a compelling presentation of your products. In modern times, catalogs have adapted to the changing expectations and needs of customers—including the ability to connect customers with your web site and social media channels.

    Dimensional Mail

    Dimensional mail is another high-performing format of direct mail, defined as a piece of mail larger than three quarters of an inch thick. It can come in the form of boxes, cylinders, or various shapes, and inspires curiosity in the customer. These marketing products feel like a present that produces interest in customers.

    Oversized Letters

    Out of any other direct mail format, oversized letters have the highest rate of response. This is because of their commanding presence that sparks curiosity, and their formidable size that stands out in an attractive way.

    Macromark’s Direct Mail Formats

    If you want to increase your average direct mail response rate, it’s a good idea to make your campaign more versatile with different direct mail formats. At Macromark, we can help you understand this opportunity to reach your prospective customers and make a lasting impact that keeps them involved with your brand. We can provide all the information, advice, and assistance you need to get your print catalog marketing campaign up and running. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845) 230-6300.

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