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    How One Data Protection Company Earned a 700% Return Using Direct Mail

    Jun 24 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingIntronis is a data protection company with 10 years’ experience. It caters primarily to small businesses that are looking for ways to protect their data, an issue that has become all too prevalent in today’s sometimes chaotic, and potentially even dangerous, online environment.

    Intronis was looking for a new way to target its customers, who are the managed service providers (MSPs) or heads of IT, the ones who actually will be delivering its product to the small businesses. After some debate, it decided on an elaborate multi-platform campaign with direct mail at the core. And though the initial investment of both time and finances was significant, the result was a 700% return on investment (ROI).

    How They Did It

    This is one of the more detailed and well-thought-out direct mail campaigns we have covered. Intronis really took its focus to another level, and it started with the research. It worked to determine the precise needs of its targets, who we mentioned are the MSPs, and how the Intronis data protection product can better assist them in their goal of helping their clients protect their business data.

    Intronis knew that MSPs are a hard demographic to target and ruled out email as a lead option. Through its research, it determined that its targets are men aged 30 to 50. Once it reached this realization, it thought about what it can do to entice this group.

    One thing that helped spur this campaign was the fact that Intronis was very clear in its goal. Its mission was to get these MSPs to agree to a meeting with the sales staff at Intronis. It knew its sales team was effective once given an opportunity to pitch, but it needed to create that opportunity and direct mail provided the most effective means of making that happen.

    Steps to Success

    Now this is where Intronis really got clever and showed creativity and patience. Because of how difficult it is to connect with its targets, it wanted to make a bold statement with its first mailer. Understanding the male-dominated demographic, it decided to include an Atari game console in the package.

    But this wasn’t enough. An Atari on its own is cool and will certainly draw the attention of the targets, but so what? So Intronis upped the ante and took a two-step approach. Once the target opened the box, they saw a letter on top of the Atari that gave them the option of upgrading to a PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii should they choose to participate in a 30-minute sales call. Not only was that bold, but it put a lot of pressure on the sales team to deliver. And they did!


    The numbers from the campaign were astounding. The campaign was narrowed down to 50 prospects, all of whom received the Atari in the mail. Of those 50 prospects, half took up the offer of the 30-minute phone call and 22% became Intronis customers. And to put those figures into perspective, this one campaign earned Intronis 10% of its bookings that year.

    Was this an expensive campaign? Yes. But Aaron Dun, chief marketing officer at Intronis, says, “We’re willing to invest a little more in the acquisition of those customers because our expectation is that they are going to spend more with us. And, by and large, that has been the case.”

    When you look at the methodical approach taken by Intronis throughout this campaign, you aren’t surprised by its success. It plotted out every step, tested the campaign for factors like the best day to send, and had follow-up procedures in place that utilized other marketing platforms like email.

    Success doesn’t happen by accident, and Macromark knows that. We have 30 years of experience helping our clients run successful direct mail marketing campaigns, and we know how deliberate each of those campaigns needs to be in order to meet its goals. Call us now to speak about your current marketing goals and we’ll let you know how we can help.


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