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    How One Small Business Used Direct Mail to Generate More Than $50,000 in New Revenue

    Oct 7 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingSmall businesses are able to make significant profits with direct mail marketing if they use the platform correctly. Even in this current atmosphere dominated by digital systems, direct mail continues to deliver high returns on investment (ROIs). The key is having focused campaign goals, some patience, and a killer mailing list.

    World Lab Chicago, Inc. is one example of a company that applied direct mail tactics to improve its presence and cash in on some new business. It specializes in creating dental restorations and wanted a way to promote and expand its brand across the country. After some consideration, it settled on postcard marketing, which is a popular form of direct mail marketing that often yields some high returns.

    It All Starts with the Mailing List

    The one thing about direct mail that always has to be consistent and on point is list building. If you aren’t sending mailers to the right targets, then the rest of your campaign easily falls apart. In the instance of World Lab Chicago, they recognized that dentists would utilize their services more than anyone else. So with the 1,000 mailings they send out each month, only general dentists are targeted.

    Results from Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

    World Lab Chicago consistently generates four or five responses from each of its monthly mailings. This type of response has accounted for approximately $60,000 since they began the mailing campaign. On its postcards, World Lab Chicago cleverly included pictures of its five most popular dental restorations. To further incite its targets, the company also included a free iPad after $2,500 worth of restoration work was ordered by a dentist.

    Displaying the actual restoration work is important. Since World Lab Chicago was promoting directly to dentists, it knew that the quality of work will be at the front of the targets’ minds. The company also recognized that everyone loves something for free, so the iPad is a good touch; the free offer also helped convince the targets that World Lab Chicago’s work is of a high quality.

    We at Macromark work with many small businesses to help them reach their targets through direct mail marketing. We have the most comprehensive mailing lists in the industry and offer our clients a chance to access what is a coveted resource.

    Don’t let the current digital atmosphere push you away from what is still one of the most effective marketing tools today. The fact is that direct mail gets results, and we continue to prove that every day with our clients. We are ready and willing to help your business too.

    All you need to do to get started is contact us, and we’ll be able to guide you through the process of putting together an effective direct mail marketing strategy that we are confident will lead to some positive results.


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