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    How to Buy Remnant and Standby Newspaper Ads

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    remnant and standby newspaper ads

    If you’re looking into discounted newspaper ad space to showcase your services, products or business, there are some helpful tips to note. Media companies rarely sell all of their advertising space, and this unsold space can be purchased at incredibly reduced costs. Instead of media companies missing out on opportunities to sell ad space, they will often consider selling remnant ad space, also known as “standby” ad space, at a much lower price than their list price.

     Where Can You Get Remnant Ads in Print Media?

    Newspaper advertising rates are negotiable, which means you never have to pay the list price to showcase your service, product or business. Buying remnant advertising is the way to go and here is how they work for print.


    Many state newspaper associations offer terrific rates on almost all local newspaper publications. The discounted rates may range from 30% to 80% off of the listed price if you purchase classified advertising. Doing your research can help you find cost-effective newspaper ad spaces and how to buy classified advertising in bulk at a discounted rate. Local retailers have a good chance of placing multiple ads to local papers and can use their credibility to negotiate discounted newspaper ad space.


    National magazines are another great platform to find buy space for remnant and standby newspaper ads. Magazines often develop editorial content based on the amount of ads being sold. Sometimes the advertisers already interested in the magazine back out or go with smaller sized ads, thus leaving an empty space where your ad can fit.

    Steps for Buying Remnant Ad Space in Newspapers

    Buying newspaper ad space takes four simple steps. First, decide which advertisement you want to use, but make sure it is not time-sensitive. Does it have staying power? Can it be used spontaneously? Secondly, make a decision on which print sources you specifically want the ad to go in. Third, when you’ve decided which media company you want to display your ad with, contact its ad rep and negotiate the remnant space. You can call multiple publications and find out which company offers the best rate. Be sure the reps know that you are able to pay and have the ad ready to be published. If you don’t hear back, follow up in a month to make an impression on them and show your commitment. The fourth and final step is to observe how well the ad performs.

    Let Macromark Help You Place Effective Remnant Ads

    To place effective remnant ads, there are certain questions you should ask the agent to make sure you are getting the best rate and location to display your ad. This way you can reach your prospects and generate leads faster and more efficiently.

    Macromark has over 30 years of experience in the direct mail industry and can help you get remnant ad space. As one of the leaders in the industry, we help our clients target consumers with accurate strategies, such as our comprehensive lists. If you’re looking for a reliable and successful company to help you place your ads, contact us today, and we will show you multiple ways to take advantage of our direct mail offerings. Call us at 1-(845) 230-6300.

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