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    How to Use Newspaper Ads for Lead Generation

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    Newspaper Ads for Lead GenerationUsing newspaper advertising for lead generation can be an extremely cost-effective method if done the right way. Lead generation with print media allows you to access a large audience for a minimal cost per reader. Although you are competing with other editorial content in the newspaper, there are minor changes you can make to your ad that will have a dramatic effect on readers. Print media marketing for lead generation can be successful with tried and tested ground rules, which are outlined below. If you want to use newspaper advertising to gain attention from your readers, these tips will be invaluable to your campaign.

    Top Tips for Using Newspaper Ads for Lead Generation

    Gaining lead generation with newspaper ads can be successful by following certain fundamental principles. The following tips will increase the chance of your newspaper getting a profound response from readers.

    Decide Where to Advertise/Know Your Targeted Audience

    If you are appealing to a limited geographical audience, community newspapers are a good option. That being said, these papers tend to be on the expensive side. An important tip to note is that the first quarter of a newspaper gets the best response from readers. The right-hand side of a right-hand page is the best placement for ads. It is imperative that you ask for your ad to appear in early general news regardless of the subject. Avoid advertising in areas devoted to your market, which may be further at the back of the paper.

    Choose the Right Media Buys

    Based on your geographical market, you may benefit from group purchases of smaller community papers rather than larger, more expensive papers. Understanding your market audience and the right days and time of month can help you benefit from your media buys even more.

    Choose the Right Ads

    To choose the right ads, you must consider the message you are trying to convey to readers and which real estate on the newspaper would gain the most attention. For example, if you are posting your ads in a university newspaper, it would make sense to put it on the relevant subject page. Students will normally go to the section of their interest to find the information they are want. This method, however, may not work for community or national newspapers, where the first quarter of the page gets the most reaction.

    Ad Placement

    As mentioned before, knowing your target audience and how they read is important when choosing your ad and placing it. You want the most eyes possible on your ads, so consider what location would gain it the most attention.

    Create Inbound Processes to Handle Newspaper Leads

    Generating leads is only the first half of the process; now you must decide how to manage the leads you receive by converting them into paying customers. This requires an internal process to quickly and effectively handle the sales leads. Train your employees well on how to answer telephone calls and e-mail requests, how to disburse leads to account and sales representatives, and how to set up a reasonable follow-up process to make sure each lead is contacted.

    Macromark’s Newspaper/Media Buying Services

    Macromark has informed many clients of the benefits of media buying through newspapers. Media advertising through print has been profitable for our clients, and we can make it work for your business as well. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of advertising through print newspapers, contact us at 1-(845) 230-6300. Our team is dedicated to educating and guiding our clients through the process of gaining leads for business.

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