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    How Tuna Cans Turned into Direct Mail Success

    Jun 16 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    We are a part of many direct mail marketing success stories every day here at Macromark. It’s an industry we’ve been fortunate to be a part of for close to 30 years. And though we’ve seen a lot during the nearly three decades of providing direct mail marketing services, every once in a while we come across a story that’s so intriguing and creative that we feel compelled to share it. That’s just the case when it comes to one of the newest direct mail marketing campaigns from a company called Zouk.

    Recently, Zouk wanted to throw a party for its members. The company titled the party “The Zouk Supermart” and billed it as a members-only event to show appreciation to its dedicated customers and to give them their new membership cards. Members would be able to shop during the event as well as participate in fun games and activities for additional prizes.

    So what’s so intriguing about how Zouk spread word of the event?

    How They Created Some Buzz

    Direct Mail Marketing by Tuna CansFirst, Zouk got some good support from sponsors such as Citibank, Samsung, and Leftfoot. And although it was a members-only event, Zouk still wanted to have a media presence take part in the festivities. So what the company did was send out invites to over 300 media outlets and partners in the form of a tuna can. For its members, Zouk wanted to keep the Supermart theme going, so the company sent invitations on receipts inside of plastic bags.

    The end result? Zouk was able to attract over 1,200 members and media to come out to what ended up being a successful night using tuna cans and plastic bags as the draw.

    What Can Be Learned?

    There’s a lot at play here in what seems like just a fun get-together on the surface. First of all, it starts with Zouk recognizing that giving its members something in return for their support is important to keeping customers loyal. A members-only party maximizes on the benefit of exclusivity. And having it at the Zouk facility reminds members of all that Zouk has to offer.

    Another impressive aspect of this event is the actual mailers. Zouk wanted to grab the attention of the media—and they certainly did. Although tuna cans seem a little unconventional, it works within the context of the company’s branding. Zouk is a supermarket, after all; they sell food, including tins of tuna. It’s creative, yet still practical. People get it without having to think too much, but can also appreciate the uniqueness of the invitation.

    Sending the invitations to members as receipts inside of plastic bags is even more impressive based on the fact that Zouk already has these people as members. Yet the fact that they still push to come up with eye-catching mailers indirectly shows members that they are still important and still worth the effort of trying to impress. A night to come shop and play games is already a good hook. Adding the clever invitation goes the extra mile. And that’s how great companies stand out.

    Direct mail marketers can learn a lot from this single campaign. It was targeted, creative, and captured the essence of Zouk as a company. Hitting all those points is something Macromark strives to do on all direct mail campaigns, working together with our clients to achieve the very best results.


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