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    What if I Want to Advertise in Newspapers: Cost, Benefits & Options

    Apr 7 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Free-Standing InsertsIf you want to buy remnant advertising, you’re in for huge savings and great benefits that will bring more awareness to your products or services. Additionally, the cost to advertise in newspapers is much more affordable than using other media for a variety of reasons. If you want to learn the benefits of print media advertising or want to know the cost to buy advertising, here is what you need to know.

    Newspaper Advertising

    Newspaper advertising is one of the most common types of advertisement. Despite the rise of technology, many people will enjoy their morning cup of coffee with a newspaper in hand, browsing the latest stories and new products. Print media has something for everyone, and businesses still consider newspaper advertising as their first ad project. It is an ideal way to reach a huge selection of people, specifically people from your target market who are seeking your products and services.

    Advantages of Newspaper Advertisements

    There are many advantages of newspaper advertisements despite the modernization of how information is accessed. Newspapers still provide a number of unique benefits that cannot be found in any other medium including television, radio, and the Internet. Here are some specific advantages you will get when buying remnant newspaper ad space.


    There is no limit to exposure with advertisements as they can be examined at leisure. Readers can take their time with the messages. There are also options for inserts cards and booklets that stand out from the paper and grab the reader’s attention. These inserts can also include coupons and special offers that encourage the reader to interact.


    It costs less per thousand readers to advertising with newspapers, compared to television and radio. The advertisement cost in newspapers can also be customized to your budget. Fewer print and digital ads are being included in each circulation due to the decline in newspaper ad revenue. This provides a huge benefit to advertisers as there is less competition for ad space and customers through newspapers than other media.

    Immediate Results

    One of the best parts about newspaper advertising is the immediacy of results. You can place your ad at the beginning of the week, and before the week has ended you could be getting results. Short deadlines also encourage quick responses to various changes in market conditions.

    Access to a Wide Audience

    Since most newspapers report on current news, there is always a huge demand for them, and there is a high circulation rate. Newspapers help advertisers reach a larger number of prospects within their desired geographical area.

    Targeted Customers

    An average issue of a daily or weekly newspaper reaches more people than the average half-hour prime time television show. The tangibility of papers allow readers to cut out or save information such as special events, features on relatives and friends, coupons, and more. The span of attention for an average Internet user is only eight seconds whereas print media readers spend much more time reviewing information, news, and advertising. Newspapers also allow advertisers to target specific areas or demographics.


    Many readers enjoy newspapers specifically for their ads of movies, local restaurants, discount stores, and more. You won’t have to worry about your message being ignored as it’s much easier to spot a vibrant ad than compete with the millions of ads online.

    Trustworthy Source of Information

    For many years, newspapers have been considered a trustworthy source of information, especially when compared with radio and online.

    Cost for Advertising in Newspaper

    Although the exact cost of newspaper advertising varies from agent to agent, there are several factors that affect the cost: size, position, frequency, publication, and day of the week.


    The larger the ad, the more it will cost. Additionally, ads that include colour or are more graphic-focused will cost more.


    Depending on the placement of the ad (beginning or end of the newspaper) the price will vary. You will need to pay more to have your ad in a main section rather than its designated section (sports, travel, electronics, etc.).


    The price of your ad will vary depending on how often you run it. If you have a higher frequency of ad runs, you may pay less per individual ad.


    Some newspapers have a higher circulation than others, which will affect the price.

    Day of the Week

    Businesses buying ad space should expect to pay the most for Sunday than for other days of the week. This is because Sunday is the day with the highest circulation and the most ads.

    What Are My Options?

    When choosing which type of newspaper advertisement to buy, you should consider several factors, such as who the target audience is and what the limits of your budget are. Newspapers provide businesses with a wide range of options for advertising. There are multiple sizes to choose from as well. Aside from the benefits and savings you can get from regular newspaper advertising, there is also an option that provides you with even bigger savings: remnant advertising.

    Remnant Advertising/Last-Minute Advertising

    If you’re looking for the best discount options for print media, remnant space rates are the best. These spaces can be discounted up to 80% of the list price. Remnant ad space allows your ad to be placed in areas the paper was unable to fill.

    Learn the Benefits of Working with Macromark

    If you’re searching for a reliable ad agency from which to buy remnant or regular newspaper advertising, Macromark is the place to go. Our team can help you launch a successful direct mail marketing campaign or find the best magazines and newspaper ad rates for your budget.

    Relying on a vastly experienced staff, aggressive marketing efforts, and cutting-edge IT support, we will draw in new customers for you at the lowest possible cost while maximizing your revenue potential. When you run a newspaper ad campaign with Macromark, you’re working with a team of professionals who have been in business for over 30 years. Our services also include print media, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845) 230-6300.

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