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    Key Factors to Consider while Creating a Print Advertising Layout

    Aug 28 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    Whether you’re a startup business preparing for your first print media advertising campaign, or an experienced digital marketer with years of successful business campaigns, it is always useful to brush up on best practices. Here are some key factors to consider when creating a print advertisement in newspapers or magazines, and why the design of your magazine or newspaper ad layout matters.

    The Goal of Your Layout

    The layout of your advertisement should be designed to encourage readers to understand your message, while your copy should inspire prospective customers to take action. Don’t focus too heavily on being creative and artistic if it gets in the way of a clear message. By working with a marketing agency, you have access to great designers who understand how to make a clear yet effective layout that will interest your readers.

    Keep It Simple

    In your mind, you may have already developed the concept and overall design theme of your ad. When explaining this information to your designer, you should consider a few other important factors. You want to ensure that your ad does its job by encouraging your customers to read your message and act. However, providing too much information can overwhelm your reader and cause them to skip your ad and move on to something else. Make sure that your ad is concise, direct, and catchy. Think about what your hook will be and what distinguishes you from your competitors.

    Images of People

    A great tip when creating your ad layout is to use photos of people. Images of people create empathy with readers, and you can connect to your target audience better by including pictures of people who look like them. For example, women respond better to other women in advertising photographs, as they put themselves into the picture. Using sex appeal for advertising is more effective when used on men than women, according to advertising research. If there is a picture of a face, make sure that the person is looking toward your ad copy and not off the page, as readers will follow the eyes of the person, which could direct them to something else.

    Color Scheme

    There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing the color scheme for your ad. You should resist the urge to print light text on a dark background, even if it looks sleek and cutting edge with your logo. Print ads are supposed to ensure that your products or services end up in the hands of your customers. Choose color schemes that are easy on the eyes and make sure that you use dark text on a lighter background.

    Bold Headline

    Other than your layout, your heading is the number one thing that will either interest your customers or turn them away. It needs to be catchy and prominent, brief but detailed. It should give your audience a clear idea of what your offer is.

    Positivity and Glamour

    Sometimes advertising can have a bad reputation because of the number of fads and false information that are used by brands to entice customers. Customers are wary of false promises, but you have an advantage from using print media. More people trust ads that that they find in newspapers and magazines than pop up ads on the Internet. When you create your ad, you should always be truthful with your content, but spin it in a creative way that glamorizes your business. Use positive phrases instead of matter-of-fact statements.

    Be Wary of Images

    When designing your print ad, don’t use images just for the sake of it. For your ad to be effective, you must use an image that is relevant to your offer or the message that you are sending. If there is no relevant image for your offer or message, don’t use one.

    Clear Message

    When you buy ad space, chances are you want to use as much of it as possible. However, you should not feel obligated to fill every white space with content. In fact, research has shown that shorter and clearer points have a longer lasting impression on readers, than an essay making the exact same point. If you are conveying the key points that you need to, you don’t have to add more content just to fill the space. It doesn’t take 100 words to share how your product is beneficial to your customers. While detail is important, don’t make your ad needlessly long.

    Include a Call to Action

    The most important part of your ad, once you have directed your readers attention, is to tell them where they can buy your product or contact you for more information. Ensure that you will leave clear instructions for how they can buy your product by using phrases such as “Redeem this code by visiting our website,” or, “Visit our store for this limited time offer,” or, “Call us for your free consultation.”

    How Macromark Can Help You

    Are you planning on using print media to distribute your ad? Do you need help creating an effective layout that your readers won’t resist? We can help! At Macromark, we specialize in helping our clients create strong, effective, successful magazine ad campaigns. Our variety of services can be customized to suit your business goals and we have packages that can work with a range of budgets. No matter the size of your organization, we can help you target your audience, retain customers, and build your reputation among your audience as a company they can trust.

    If you need help catching the eyes of your readers and establishing an effective magazine advertising campaign, consider working with our print advertising agency. Our services also include direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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