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    Leftover Newspaper Advertising: A Low-Cost Marketing Option

    May 14 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    If you are looking for low cost advertising options, print media has a lot to offer. Unlike online ads that are quickly dismissed or closed by readers, print advertising leaves a lasting impression, especially if you want to display colourful graphics and use a large percentage of ad space. This is why remnant or leftover newspaper ads and magazine ads are a great solution. These cheap ways to advertise cost much less than the alternative, yet still give you a great amount of exposure. Here’s what you need to know about remnant advertising and the benefits it can bring you.


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    What Is Leftover Newspaper and Magazine Advertising?

    Leftover or remnant newspaper and magazine advertising is when unsold ad space is requested and purchased by a brand or organization. The main benefit of this strategy is the cost savings, as the value of unsold ad space gradually decreases as the platform approaches the publication date. In simpler terms, it is the last-minute ad spaces the salespeople could not sell. For your business, this means you can save as much as 40% to 70% off the cost of an ad.

    Benefits of Remnant Newspaper Advertising

    Low Cost Marketing

    As mentioned, the main benefit of using remnant ad space is the cost savings. In some cases, you can get discounts at up to 95% off the rate card pricing. The great part about this is the less money you spend on your media marketing, the more profit you can make in the end. With discounts as large as this, you can get a huge return on investment, while still accessing your targets.

    Good for Testing New Ads

    This strategy is also great if you want to test new ads but don’t want to take the risks of making a huge investment. When you’re promoting a new product or experimenting with a new ad layout, you may want to test your new ad using remnant advertising. This way you can gauge your prospects’ reactions without spending too much money on a first attempt.

    Good for A/B Testing

    Leftover advertising is a great option if you want to “split test” advertise. In this situation, you place two different ads (A/B) at the same time, and measure each in terms of effectiveness on the market.

    Ideal for Off-Season Marketing

    As a marketer you should consider the cycle of newspapers and magazines. Print newspapers are released daily or weekly, while magazines can be released monthly. Whether on or off-season, you have access to your target audience and can place ads that are time sensitive to get quick turnarounds.

    Reach Specific Target Audiences

    Newspaper and magazine subscribers are faithful to the publications. By placing your ad in these platforms, especially ones specific to your genre or target audience, you will have direct access to those faithful readers.

    Begin Relationship with a Magazine and Newspaper

    Building a relationship with your magazine or newspaper rep means you will have insight into their strategies. They rarely inform clients of remnant advertising space, as they want to make top dollar for their ads. However, you can ask your rep to explain remnant ad opportunities and discounts to find out what your team needs to do to place your ad. Think about the following questions as you look for the right remnant print advertising partner:

    • Who is your audience and what is your reach?
    • What ad size is best for your purpose?
    • What page or region will your ad be on?
    • What day of the week will your ad be printed?
    • What percentage of their audience reads to the back page?
    • Will you use print in addition to other media? How can you synchronize the two?
    • What is the purpose of your campaign?
    • Does the agency have relationships with the publications you want to target?
    • Will the agency consult with you to make sure that your print media buy is aligned with your goals, or will they merely do whatever you tell them to do regardless of how well it will work?
    • What is your budget?

    The more communication and cooperation you have with your rep, the more you can maximize your ad opportunities.

    Better Ad Quality

    Another benefit of leftover advertising is that you never have to compromise the quality of your ads. Within your budget you can place virtually any kind of ad, if it fits within the parameters of the leftover space. You can ensure your ad is noticeable enough to get seen by your audience, which is invaluable in today’s crowded marketplace.

    Build Brand Recognition

    Readers who regularly subscribe to magazines or read the weekly newspaper are aware of what they see because reading the paper is part of their routine. If you can consistently place ads within these platforms, the dedicated consumers will notice you and be more open to reading your ad and seeking more information. With patience and repetition your ad will get noticed more and more.

    Expand Your Reach

    One of the biggest advantages of remnant newspaper and magazine advertising is that you are completely aware of your target audience. If you are a small business wanting to bring traffic to your online store or brick-and-mortar store, this strategy is affordable and effective. You can even reach outside your demographic to a national audience without sacrificing your target.

    Why Choose Macromark?

    With over 30 years of experience, Macromark has grown to become one of the leaders in the direct mail industry. We help our clients target consumers with precision through our comprehensive list offerings, and work with clients on placing effective remnant ads. We can help you stand out from your competitors and engage readers, both of which are essential to growing your customer base and enticing them to visit your store or web site. If you are looking for a company to help lead your next direct mail marketing campaign, we’re the team you need. Our services also include print media, direct mail marketing, list brokerage, data solutions, list fulfillment, and list management. For more information about how we can help grow your business, contact us at 1-(845)-230-6300.

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