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    Mac Cosmetics Targets Existing Customers with Direct Mail Mobile Campaign

    Aug 20 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    At Macromark, we’ve spoken several times about the benefits of combining direct mail with other forms of marketing to optimize your return on investment. By pairing the two, you can create multifaceted marketing campaigns that enhance the consumer experience.

    Beauty and cosmetics giant MAC Cosmetics recently executed a campaign that saw them effectively execute a multifaceted marketing effort that made use of direct mail and mobile. The campaign was not aimed at acquiring new customers, but at connecting with existing clients.

    MAC had long wanted to better utilize video to capture the “how-to” content that is popular throughout that medium. So instead of sending coupons to existing customers who signed up to be part of MAC’s mailing list, they sent notes with scannable QR codes that allowed customers to view tutorials on the products they had recently purchased. The videos are led by professionals and integrated with the MAC mobile site.

    This direct mail/mobile campaign was targeted specifically at younger female consumers who browse their phones frequently for both social media and shopping purposes. MAC expects this campaign will get the repeat customers to revisit the stores to purchase similar products viewed through the tutorial.

    These are the types of marketing campaigns that we love to see here at Macromark, as creative campaigns that are combining multiple forms of communication and leaving the customer with a comprehensive experience ultimately perform best. Even for a popular brand like MAC, it’s important that all marketing campaigns are focused and have unique elements that will continue to pique consumers’ interests.

    Macromark has worked on many campaigns in the beauty and cosmetics industry and we know how difficult penetrating this market can be. But as this example shows, there are always ways to enhance your direct mail campaigns with a focused, strategic method of attack. Macromark is here to facilitate this strategy with targeted lists that can generate significant, positive results.

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    David Klein

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