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    Major Study Shows Significance of Direct Mail’s Impact on Consumers

    Sep 29 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    As direct mail continues to prove its worth, the chatter has somewhat settled as to its validity in the current digital atmosphere prevalent in marketing today. But many businesses still question the impact of direct mail and the purpose of it in an era that has largely moved its operations online.

    Now Canada Post has responded with some hard facts through what is called the “largest project of its kind.” They have commissioned a study to determine the impact both print and digital campaigns have on consumers. The study is meant to measure the emotional responses consumers exhibit when interacting with each medium through its respective campaigns.

    Study and ResultsDirect Mail

    The Canada Post-led study was conducted by owner of True Impact Marketing, Diana Lucaci. By her own words, Lucaci says, “In a data-driven world, this study reminds marketers that consumers are, ultimately, humans and their emotions are a driver in their path to purchase.” It’s a principle that’s long been familiar to marketers, but Lucaci hopes the results of this study will reinforce that notion.

    270 participants took part in the study that encompassed identical brand messaging over both digital and physical media. Comprehension and engagement of these participants were measured by brain scans and eye tracking to determine which medium made a stronger impression.

    The results were what some may consider surprising. Direct mail or physical media elicits a “70% higher brand recall,” and the effort it takes to comprehend direct mail is 21% less than its digital counterpart. These results were further magnified when sensory applications (smell, etc.) were included in the campaigns, with this distinction outperforming regular direct mail by 30%.

    Lucaci says, “The effectiveness of tangible pieces on the brain is undeniable and understanding when and how to blend physical and digital throughout marketing can work to create the best customer experience.”

    While these results may prove surprising to some, Macromark is well aware of the potential impact direct mail has on consumers. The fact that the pieces are physical in nature adds a personal sensation not available with digital marketing. And it’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with digital marketing. In fact, we’ve preached several times through our articles that a combination of digital and direct mail marketing is more often than not the most effective means of engaging consumers.

    That said; it’s always encouraging to see studies like these done to show the sustained relevance and importance of including direct mail into your marketing strategies. It’s a platform that has become unique in its ability to communicate with consumers and move them to action. And with a company as experienced as Macromark in leading direct mail campaigns, you can expect a high level of organizing and executing your campaign’s goals and vision.  For more information, please visit our web site.

    “Direct mail beats digital advertising in driving consumers to act: neuromarketing study,” Canada Post web site, August 27, 2015;

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