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    Marketing Dietary Supplements through Direct Mail

    Jul 4 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Direct MailWhen you’re talking about the U.S. supplement industry, you’re dealing with a market estimated near $40 billion by some experts. And as awareness surrounding health continues to grow among the entire population (along with several other factors), this industry will continue to expand, creating more and more opportunities for marketers to capitalize on this trend.

    A large demographic market exists for supplements and direct mail is the best way to reach and market to them…..we are talking about baby boomers and aging seniors. Though Millennials dominate the headlines, seniors still hold rank when it comes to disposable income and their interest in improving their health is more of a need than a desire. Approaching seniors with supplements as a possibility for improved health takes some strategy and tact, and direct mail is the perfect media to market to them.

    The continuing growing risks of using prescription drugs with all their various adverse side effects and potential for dangerous interactions have everyone looking to natural remedies or supplements to help them with their age related health problems.

    Here are some things to keep in mind when using direct mail to market dietary supplements.

    Seniors Want to Be Independent

    One important fact to note when marketing to baby boomers or seniors is that they don’t necessarily want to feel like they need to depend on anything. The position you take in your marketing should be one that suggests your product will enhance their health and lifestyle and to help them improve how they feel when doing the things physically and socially that they want to do.

    Independence is a huge factor. Direct mail marketing works because it is an ideal platform that invites more intimate reading. Marketers are better able to explain the benefits of their product and seniors are able to better engage and connect. There is also a very robust universe of great mail-able names for people who prefer to take supplements over prescription medications.

    Trust Is Crucial for Seniors

    Seniors are not in the position or do not typically have the temperament to be experimenting with their health; they want to know that the product you are selling works and that your brand can be trusted. This can be accomplished through including testimonials in your copy or citing proven health studies that show your product has had success in doing what it promises. Showing the manufacturing facility and the people that work in you supplement business is a nice way to bring familiarity to your potential customer as well. An opening letter from the President of the Company can also be very effective in helping to establish trust. Using a physician as a brand ambassador is another great way to establish trust and credibility for you and your brand.

    Macromark offers our clients mailing lists that specifically target seniors who are actively using dietary supplements or who have shown a continued interest in products under that category. We help guide direct mail marketing campaigns so they are effective in meeting their goals when it comes to engaging seniors. Call Macromark now to learn more about how we can be part of your next dietary supplement direct mail marketing campaign.

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    David Klein

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