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    Marketing in the Healthcare Industry: Direct Mail Is Still Preferred

    Apr 20 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingHealthcare is one of the most vital industries in most economies with a direct line to the health of a nation. Being able to engage healthcare professionals is and has been key in affecting change within the industry, which of course trickles down to the lives of billions of people worldwide every day.

    But how these professionals are best engaged is what we’re discussing and what needs to be known. Have they shifted their focus to the digital dialogue that’s present in today’s online environment? How do they consume information and what kind of content are they in fact consuming?

    Traditional Mail Still Top Priority

    Anyone in the healthcare industry can see that there have been extraordinary efforts to implement digital technology into its many systems. This is true of all levels from doctor/patient communication through smart devices, to downloadable B2B webinars. And while these attempts to streamline certain processes using technology is necessary, physicians are still more engaged through traditional means of marketing.

    Two surveys, one conducted by Onyx Health in 2013 and the other by EPG Media in 2016, have shown some interesting results. Both research efforts showed that physicians prefer more traditional marketing tactics that include direct mail and medical press articles.

    The study did go on to say that despite the physician’s admissions to checking online for information on products being marketed, when it came to actual product promotion, the medium that had the most impact came through traditional channels such as direct mail.

    Reading Not an Issue

    To some, the results from these two studies may be somewhat surprising. Seeing how nearly every industry is embracing marketing or being marketed to through digital channels, some may say the health industry is being resistant. But viewed from a different perspective, this may not be the case at all.

    Medical professionals are tasked with an important job. They are responsible in large part for the health of a community. The decisions they make in determining what kind of treatments to administer has an immediate result on people’s lives. This responsibility cannot be taken lightly, and we would assume most all medical professionals understand the gravity of their choices.

    These professionals must therefore take the time necessary to engage with whatever material is being sent their way. They need to have a thorough understanding of everything being presented to them before they can take the next step. Direct mail is far more conducive to the close reading that will be necessary to reach that level of comfort in defining the product.

    And the two studies are proof, along with our own knowledge on the effectiveness of direct mail marketing campaigns within the healthcare industry. Macromark is ready to apply our three decades of experience to your next campaign. Call us today to learn how we can work together to get the results you’re looking for in an industry built for direct mail.

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    David Klein

    David Klein is CEO and President of Macromark, Inc. David has a rich and deep background in direct response marketing. His experience comes from being a consultant and list broker with more than 25 years in the Industry; working with several hundred different clients in just about every industry, market or niche found in direct mail. David is a graduate of the University of Illinois with high honors advanced degree course work in Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Part of Macromark’s vision is to help its clients succeed in their acquisition efforts for finding new customers regardless of the marketing channel or media used. Add me to your G+