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    Millennials Responding Surprisingly Well to Direct Mail

    Oct 3 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingMarketers automatically assume that it’s difficult to target Millennials using direct mail. This assumption is fair considering Millennials have grown up in the digital era and use their smartphones for just about everything you can imagine. But being digitally savvy doesn’t dismiss the fact that Millennials still respond to direct mail marketing as well as any other demographic does.

    In fact, a recent study conducted by Info Trends and Prinova showed what some may see as surprising results. Perhaps the most surprising is the stat that showed the last time Millennials responded to direct mail was within 2.4 months. That figure reveals that Millennials responded to direct mail faster than all other respondents surveyed. Another stat from the study that was equally as intriguing shows that of the people from the Millennial group who responded in under three months, over 60% of them took action and made a purchase.

    Why Are Millennials Engaging With Direct Mail?

    Knowing that Millennials are responding to direct mail is just the first step. More studies have been done to figure out why this generation is engaging so well despite their overall preference for digital technology. The most recent study by the USPS found several factors capturing the attention of Millennials.

    Having a general interest in the product or the service is the top driving force for engagement from Millennials. But the quality and the image were also important to this demographic, with 25% of Millennials citing this as their reason for opening the mailing. Rounding out the top three reasons causing Millennials to engage with direct mail is personalization.

    Marketing to Millennials Is Not So Different

    Despite the fuss that has been made about finding ways to market to Millennials, studies are showing that they are not so different—at least when it comes to direct mail marketing. Yes, it is proven that Millennials expect more from the product or service they are investing in, and they are less likely to be receptive to blatant promotional efforts. However, if marketers focus on the experience of their millennial customer, Millennials will respond just as well as any other demographic.

    Personalization is important for this generation, along with customer service and the creativity of the branding or marketing efforts. Millennials see more advertising and marketing on a day-to-day basis than any other generation in history. So, if they are not genuinely interested or made to be interested, no direct mail marketing efforts will be successful.

    Macromark provides mailing lists targeted at Millennials. We understand the consumer power that this generation currently holds and that accessing this demographic is necessary for almost all brands in the near future if not now.

    Marketers should not fall into the misguided belief that Millennials only respond well to digital campaigns. Many studies have proven the opposite, and we have seen proof ourselves that this group will engage with direct mail marketing efforts.

    If you are a marketer looking to utilize direct mail to target Millennials, contact Macromark now at 1-845-230-6300.


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