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    Mobile Consideration a Must for Successful E-Mail Marketing

    Mar 6 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Marketing trends come and go; it’s an accepted part of the industry. Some trends you can afford to ignore, especially if they are fleeting. However, there are others that demand you pay attention. Those trends that are so powerful that you must adjust your strategies to best utilize the platform.

    As it relates to e-mail marketing, mobile is certainly one of those trends. And as the capabilities of mobile devices continue to expand, consumers expand their frequency of using these devices. People are more plugged in than ever and so, as a marketer, you must understand that in all likelihood, a large proportion of users will be opening your e-mail from their mobile device.

    Mobile by the Numbers  Email Marketing

    Some of these mobile usage numbers are incredible, so brace yourself. How about the 180% increase in mobile opens just over the past three years? Right now, more than half of e-mail users open e-mails via their mobile device, and that number jumps to 68% when speaking only of Gmail and Yahoo! mobile opens. Just as enlightening is the percentage of consumers who read e-mails exclusively through mobile sites, which is 30%.

    Don’t expect these numbers to go down anytime soon. Even if they remain as they are right now, it’s obvious that a huge percentage of consumers are currently using their mobile devices to access their e-mails.

    What This Means for E-Mail Marketing

    The opportunities are clear and it’s up to you to take advantage. The same rules apply for mobile as they do for conventional e-mail marketing campaigns. Segmentation is still key; consumers want to feel like you are speaking to them directly and properly segmenting your lists allows you to personalize messages according to your consumers’ needs and to tailor your communication according to which stage of their cycle they are in with your company.

    Automation is also the “in” thing now. Several e-mail platforms have made automation simple and productive with the ability to track e-mails with detailed analytics that report opens, clicks, and even time spent on a site.

    Where mobile consideration comes in is primarily with the design. Responsive designs are what will get your e-mail read and not tossed in the junk bin, “responsive” meaning readable across all operating systems with clear messaging and visuals. In addition, links must be inserted naturally and take readers to the precise destination.

    Working with a company that has experience in conducting successful e-mail campaigns should be a consideration if you are either new to e-mail marketing or have not had success coordinating them on your own. Macromark has proven results when it comes to executing many successful e-mail marketing campaigns and can take the lead on your next project.


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