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    How the Nutritional and Dietary Supplement Market Continues to Push Forward

    Nov 28 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    No longer seen as simply a niche market for the overly health conscious, the supplement market topped $32.0 billion last year, and it is expected to double that value by 2021. Companies are investing, consumers are buying, and new supplements are being introduced into the market seemingly every day.

    For example, Kirkman Group, a company known for creating nutritional supplements specifically for individuals with special needs, has just released the first nutritional supplement line with a formulation targeted at the health concerns of people over age 60. President and CEO David Humphrey says that, “It was designed to address common health concerns that are unique to aging.”

    This is a huge development, as seniors are the largest consumers of nutritional supplements, with multivitamins being their product of choice. Kirkman Group understands the value of their “Senior Essentials” line and has instituted an “Ultra Tested” certification, which confirms purity by ensuring every raw ingredient has been tested for more than 950 environmental contaminants.

    Turning Point for SupplementsNutritional Supplement Mailing Lists

    With the passing of the Dietary Supplement Health Regulation Act in the U.S. in 1994, which considered dietary supplements as foods instead of drugs, usage among the population increased dramatically, particularly among seniors, where close to 70% of people over 60 now use some form of supplement on a regular basis. Partnerships with brands like the UFC also propelled the supplement market forward, and today, athletes such as Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers are becoming spokespersons for select dietary and nutritional supplement brands.

    Supplements Industry Not Slowing Up

    The numbers show no sign of slowing down, and in fact, new demographics are being added to the market, with women becoming the new target as their consumption of supplements has steadily increased. Companies are also continuing to invest in supplements, noted by India’s Aurobindo Pharma purchasing U.S. nutritional supplement developer Natrol Inc. at a steal for $132.5 million at a bankruptcy auction.

    Despite all the questions and discrepancies on the regulation, or lack thereof, for nutritional supplements, there has been no indication that these concerns are having any effect on the expansion of the industry as a whole. The question for those who hope to capitalize on this boom is how to go about doing so.

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