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    8 Ways Data Can Help Improve Customer Retention
    Aug 7 | By:  Categories: customer acquisition, Marketing, Our Blog

    The gateway to building quality and long-lasting relationships with customers comes down to customer service and the personalization of your offers. But this isn’t possible without a thorough understanding of customer data analytics. Data analytics will support your customer retention marketing strategy by establishing a connection with customers through personalization that will stand the test […]

    The Benefits of Customer Analytics for Retention Marketing
    Jul 29 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog

    As experienced marketers already know, the right customer retention marketing strategies and analytics can do wonders for your growing business. Focusing on customer retention and loyalty programs allows you to gather important information about your customers in a non-invasive manner. This information can then contribute to creating more meaningful interactions with each individual customer based […]

    Why It’s Important to Perform Competitor Analysis for Your Advertising Campaigns
    Jul 17 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog, Print Media

    Successful marketing campaigns have one main thing in common: they’re managed by business-savvy industry professionals who don’t just do excellent research, they thrive on competitor analysis. No matter what business you’re in or how big your company is, it’s always important to know exactly who you’re dealing with—that includes your target audiences, your current customer […]

    Steps to Find the Right Target Audience for Your Advertising Campaign
    Jul 3 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    One of the key factors for success in any business venture is to successfully define, find, and reach out to your target audience. Depending on the type of business, products, and services you offer, you may have either a very niche or vey broad target audience. As a business owner and marketer, it’s your job […]

    Advertising During a Recession: 9 Tips to Maintain Your Brand
    Jun 22 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog, Print Media

    The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the landscape for our lives in terms of physical contact with others, but it has also taken its toll on the economy as well. Companies have had to pivot their advertising strategies to cope with the pandemic and economic experts are forecasting a global recession that will test […]

    Customer Retention: How to Maintain Consumer Relationships during COVID-19
    Jun 12 | By:  Categories: customer acquisition, Marketing, Our Blog

    COVID-19 has, in many ways, irrevocably changed the business landscape within a great deal of industries, forcing many companies to adopt new and innovative customer retention strategies during lockdown in an effort to remain relevant. Even as many non-essential businesses begin to reopen or resume their operations, a lot of changes need to be carefully […]

    10 Major Customer Retention Mistakes You Need to Avoid
    Jun 2 | By:  Categories: customer acquisition, Marketing, Our Blog

    Running a successful business and ensuring customer satisfaction is equal parts acquisition, experience, and retention. Far too often, though, business owners tend to take the latter portion of the equation for granted and place way too much focus on the acquisition portion. While some level of customer attrition on a small scale is unavoidable as […]

    Remnant Ads Can Help Gain Exposure to Small Businesses
    May 21 | By:  Categories: Our Blog, Print Media

    Remnant ads in newspapers and magazines are a great way for a small business to gain exposure for a lower price compared to buying regular ad space. Remnant space is advertising space that the newspaper or magazine couldn’t sell at their regular rate well in advance of the print date. As the print date gets […]

    Direct Mail 101
    May 12 | By:  Categories: Direct Mail List, Direct Marketing, Our Blog

    Direct mail requires two important “pieces” to work together in order to get the best possible results. The better those two pieces are the better your results will be. The mailing list is critical to success but so is the creative or mailing piece that is being used. The mail piece is what lands in […]

    How Brands Can Advertise Wisely during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    May 11 | By:  Categories: Marketing, Our Blog, Print Media

    Advertising during the COVID-19 crisis is a sensitive issue. On one hand, a company still needs to promote themselves and their brand regardless of the climate. In fact, it could be said that during the coronavirus pandemic, there are more eyes available to see your advertising. On the other hand, with the sensitive nature of […]