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    Planet Fitness Uses Direct Mail to Spread the Word

    Nov 4 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    It would be a severe understatement to say that health and fitness has become a craze across all of North America. People today are far more conscious of how they treat their bodies and what they consume, with countless numbers of diet plans and breakthrough fitness routines to choose from.

    Macromark observes that U.S fitness franchise Planet Fitness has reaped the success of this craze and has found a niche among new and occasional gym users. They’ve cut out most of the frills from a typical gym, which allows them to charge only $10 per month for membership. With over 800 franchises now active in the U.S and annual revenues at approximately $1.0 billion, Planet Fitness is finally bringing their system to Canada, their first location being at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Toronto.

    The recent partnership with NBC’s The Biggest Loser has afforded Planet Fitness a level of exposure that’s enabled them to aggressively open 149 locations over the past 12 months. But when CEO Chris Rondeau was asked how they spread the word about their unique approach to running a gym, his response was “a lot of direct mail.”

    Rondeau’s response may or may not be surprising (and he did also cite word of mouth as a major factor), but at Macromark, we understand the power of targeted direct mail lists and how a focused direct mail campaign can generate a large number of leads for our clients. Especially with a company like Planet Fitness, who has narrowed their potential consumer to first-time or casual gym users, Macromark can easily see how direct mail has played a part in their dramatic growth, particularly over the past year.

    In bringing their franchise to Canada, Planet Fitness has done their research and identified that over 80% of Canadians are still without a gym membership. Having their targets isolated is a huge benefit for Planet Fitness and gives them a strong chance at succeeding in the Canadian market, where other U.S. transplants in different industries have struggled.

    Macromark would certainly be able to provide targeted direct mail lists within the parameters of Planet Fitness’ goals, or those of any other fitness gym. We work with businesses to determine their vision and then provide lists that can accommodate a targeted direct mail marketing campaign.

    Our clients trust Macromark because we get results. And when it’s all said and done, results are what matter most.


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    David Klein

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