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    Printing Company Uses Stable Direct Mail Market to Expand Growth

    Jul 29 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    The business world is one of constant innovation. Now more than ever, being able to adapt plays a huge role in the success of a company, no matter how large or small. Direct mail has managed to be a constant in the expansion or revitalizing of several companies that we’ve featured in our articles at Macromark, and we’ve managed to find another company that has been making big investments in direct mail to help make their company more profitable.

    GNE is a U.K.-based printed envelope supplier, with their key clients being in financial services, charities, and mail order. Their new managing director, Warren Shermer, has invested 500,000 euros in a new plant and machinery over the last 12 months to support direct mail efforts with expectations of growing GNE’s turnover from 18–20 million euros. Shermer’s projections are mainly because of his confidence in the direct mail market. “The market for direct and transactional mail has stabilised and although it is still fiercely competitive, there is capacity within the business to consolidate our market share and grow the company further,” Shermer explains

    Investing half a million Euros, which converts to roughly over US$670,000, is a considerable amount. However, GNE is confident they can get at least a return of two million euros, and that would certainly translate into a profitable investment. And Shermer knows that within his industry, investing into infrastructure is what will bring growth.

    This story is important because it shows that even overseas, the attitude towards direct mail is similar to what it is in the U.S. Companies are willing to invest or reinvest heavily in direct mail, or in the case of GNE, invest because of their confidence in the direct mail market.

    Macromark has sustained through the global financial instability of the past few years and we’re now flourishing as more and more companies see the importance and effectiveness of direct mail marketing. We are proud to broker lists and be the facilitator that powers these direct mail campaigns.


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