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    Questions to Ask before Hiring a Copywriter

    Feb 4 | By:  Categories: copywriting, Our Blog

    Did you know that one of the hardest parts of content marketing is creating content? When you need landing pages, meta descriptions, social media posts, CTAs, etc., you may want to hire an e-mail and marketing copywriter to get your message across effectively and correctly. Hiring a copywriter can be a challenge on its own. It takes good interviewing to filter through to find the right person to handle your copywriting advertising. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a writer.

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    1. What type of experience do you have?

    The type of experience your candidate has should be reflective of your job description. If you are seeking an SEO writer, make sure there is concrete proof that they have delivered content that has increased visibility on search engines. If you are seeking a web content writer, be sure they have a solid grasp of grammar and the ability to adapt their writing to suit the tone of your business and target audience.

    2. Are you familiar with my industry? What are the benefits my company brings our customers/clients?

    This is a big question that will determine which clients have done their research. It will filter out those who are simply looking for their next job, from those who are genuinely interested in what your business is about. They should be able to identify the benefit your product or service offers your prospects and be able to write about it. Applicants should want to be as informed as possible before their interview—they should be seeking the opportunity to get ahead of other candidates and prove themselves to you.

    3. What’s the difference between a _______ and a ________?

    It is valuable to find out if your candidate is aware of industry-specific language. Ask them questions about specific terms and gauge their response. Ask about terms you would require your writers to know when writing copy for your marketing campaign.

    4. Have you ever worked under tight deadlines?

    Whether you are a small or large business, working under tight deadlines at times is inevitable. When these times come, you should be sure your entire team can get their work done to meet that schedule. They should be able to push through the challenge and not crumble under pressure. Ask your candidate if they have ever worked in environments that require strict deadlines and high-pressure writing situations, and how they’ve approached this kind of work.

    5. Can you write in someone else’s voice?

    Some people have the natural gift of expressing their own opinions or ideas clearly. However, a good writer will be able to empathize with the voice of your business or other personalities to convey a message. Ask to see work samples to examine their versatility with changing their voice or tone to suit the pieces.

    6. What types of content have you worked on before?

    To find out whether your candidate is right for your company, find out what kind of content they have worked on in the past. If they’ve written hundreds of blogs in the past, you can trust they can write some blogs for you. Even better, if you have a company in a specific niche, a writer who is versatile or who has worked in your niche before will be an asset.

    7. Do you enjoy reading?

    One of the most important traits of a good writer is how much they enjoy reading. Writers of all areas should be reading regularly, even if they are focused on advertising content. They should be aware of what the best writing out there is like on any given topic, especially those related to your business. Even if they enjoy reading for leisure, they should be well-read. Reading offers writers the tools and creativity they need to do their best work.

    8. Why should I hire you over any other copywriter?

    Once you have a feel for their experience and understanding of your business, it’s time to find out why you should choose them over other writers. See what they have to say to “sell themselves.” A copywriter should be able to sell their skills and capabilities to you—if they cannot do this, consider how well they will be able to sell your product or service? If they are able to answer appropriately, it also shows that they have considered their most valuable product (themselves) and can be trusted to be serious and professional on the job.

    How Macromark Can Help You

    E-mail and marketing copywriting don’t have to take up all your time. If you have multiple responsibilities to handle, you can delegate your copywriting and SEO to a professional writer. However, it can be a time-consuming task to find and hire a writer on your own. Thankfully, our marketing and copywriting agency has professional writers on staff who are well versed in the industry. They understand SEO and writing best practices, and can write in a variety of voices and formats. When you’re ready to make the most of your web site and drive users to your message, our writers can help.

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