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    Roofing Company Earns Over 1000% Return on Investment

    Jan 27 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    direct mail marketingWe continue our profiling of small- and medium-sized businesses that have found substantial success with direct mail marketing. This time we turn to a roofing company that welcomed the opportunities of a solid direct mail campaign. They used clever design for a four figure return on investment (ROI).

    How They Did It

    Cornett Roofing is a small business based in Indiana. It was looking to create an eye-catching postcard that would appeal to its demographic and drive engagement and ultimately improve sales. It chose to outsource the design and ended up with some incredible results.

    Since it’s difficult for homeowners to really see the quality of a roofing company’s work in real life, Cornett roofing decided that its postcards would feature images of roofs that it had completed. All top-level jobs that gave consumers an indication of what their roofs could look like should they utilize Cornett’s services. The images were made large so they stood out and showed different angles.

    Another strategic move by Cornett was including what was a handwritten paragraph. Though copy is obviously important, what a paragraph written in script does is immediately capture the consumer’s attention. Because seeing handwriting is so rare, you are almost inclined to read it just to see what it says.

    The content of the copy on the postcard itself is, of course, still a major factor. Cornett chose to show the benefit of slate and tile roofing in two separate lists, which were two of the services it was trying to promote. This gave the consumers options and also spoke to Cornett’s expertise.

    The Results

    The results of the campaign more than speak for themselves. Cornett received 30 responses from the campaign, which lead to at least $20,000-$40,000 in revenue. As far as return on investment, that’s over 1000%.

    Not all direct mail campaigns are going to yield this type of return, but they don’t have to. Starting your campaigns with clear goals and then developing the campaign accordingly will ensure you reach the numbers you need to make a profit.

    This is true for small businesses just as much as it is for larger companies. The success of any direct mail marketing campaign is in the details: the copy, the design, the targets. More work put into the preparation usually leads to much stronger results.

    Macromark has spent the last three decades operating within the direct mail industry. We’ve seen and been part of the innovation, and continue to find ways to offer our clients top-level service with measurable results. We are proud of our history and proud of hour we’ve been able to adapt and remain successful throughout the years. Contact us for more information about the services we can provide in order to help grow your company.


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