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    Skin Care Entrepreneur Turning to Direct Mail to Boost Sales

    Jul 11 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    Within the $100 billion skin care market, many entrepreneurs are finding ways to establish themselves and claim even a small part of the industry, as noted by the experts at Macromark. Small business owner Christine Laureano, founder and chief formulator of Ba6 Botanicals, is no different, running the operation out of her own home.

    But since Laureano began creating and selling products—about 30 natural, unique products to date, including lotions and balms—she has come to realize that it will take more than the online marketing which she has adopted to boost her sales to the next level. With annual revenue currently sitting at approximately $40,000, Laureano has decided that catalogs are the way to better reach her customers, hoping the personal sentimentality will be the difference.

    Laureano is going about direct mail marketing in the correct way: testing the approach by mailing 150 of her best customers and prospects. So far, the test has yielded positive results, with 20% of those included in the mailing list ordering products. Laureano has even included a link on her web site where customers can order a print catalog and promoted catalog orders through social media. She has also kept her catalog relatively brief at only 14 pages.

    Macromark is thrilled to hear these types of stories. Direct mail marketing can play a huge role in advancing the sales and generating interest in a product. Being able to communicate with consumers on a more intimate level is a huge advantage, particularly in a field like skin care, where the products are personal and specific to each person.

    And Laureano certainly isn’t the exception. As we’ve detailed in previous articles at Macromark, many businesses, both large and small, are turning to direct mail marketing to reach consumers and improve sales. Direct mail marketing doesn’t have to be run in opposition to any digital marketing campaign; it is also excellent in tandem, helping to drive consumers to a web site where they can be converted.

    Macromark praises small business owners like Christine Laureano and her line of products at Ba6 Botanicals. She already understands the importance of having precisely targeted lists and testing those lists to measure costs versus returns. But with already 20% of customers purchasing products on a test run, we expect that Laureano will find and enjoy even more success as she continues her direct mail campaigns.


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