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    Startup Takes A Unique Angle On Direct Mail

    Oct 20 | By:  Categories: Our Blog

    We’ve previously discussed ways in which companies and established institutions, such as banks or medical facilities, have successfully utilized direct mail. Startup company PebblePost, has reimagined how to go about utilizing direct mail and has made a huge racket in the marketing industry with response and conversion rates that are unheard of.

    Although the company is early in its development and is still going through a private pilot phase, the concept it has created is so innovative yet so simple that it has encouraged investors to put up another $3 million to complete PebblePost’s most recent seed round.

    Who is PebblePostDirect Mail Marketing

    Here is how PebblePost works. Let’s say you visit a website to do some shopping and click on a blue winter jacket. For whatever reason, you get distracted and don’t end up completing the purchase. The very next day, you get a piece of nicely designed mail offering you 15% off of that very same jacket that you clicked on the day before.

    PebblePost has made that possible. They’ve created a platform where visitor activity is measured in real time from your mobile device, desktop, or laptop. They then segment that information according to whatever goals are set out for that specific campaign and create a mail piece on a template which has been pre-approved by the marketers running the campaign. So if the goal of this campaign was to “retarget users who click on winter jackets,” then you would receive that piece of mail within 24 hours of clicking on the winter jacket.

    Now part of this whole process is not necessarily new. If you visit a clothing site now and click on a winter jacket, by the time you leave the site you will notice a few ads for winter jackets on your screen. Where the innovation comes in is that PebblePost decided to use real time tracking for direct mail campaigns exclusively. And if early response rates of 20% with conversion rates of 40% are any indication, this can transform the direct mail industry.

    What this has also done for direct mail is enable them to conduct campaigns at lightning speed. Marketers don’t need to wait weeks and weeks to build, launch, and then wait for response numbers anymore. They can continually fine tune campaigns at a much faster rate. So much so that PebblePost CEO Lewis Gersh says “it’s like having infinite A/B testing.”

    The speed of the turnaround time is another point Gersh points to that contributed to the high response rates PebblePost experienced in its initial testing. They only operate in the U.S right now, but they have plans to branch out internationally next year.

    Again, this is an example of an inventive platform that is taking advantage of one of the most traditional forms of marketing and making it “new age,” if you will. With so many established companies already using direct mail, and startups like PebblePost bringing this level of innovation into the industry, direct mail marketing is on a path to continue bringing results for businesses everywhere.

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